Blizzard pays no attention to MVP feedback.

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I've sent a few emails to that address they provide for feedback, and not only have they not answered me (I didn't really expect them to), but I see no actions have been taken on the forum since then (months ago). I would be shocked if others did not have the same reservations I do (in fact, I know many do)...and with enough complaints and emails you would think something would be done. I respect a lot of the MVPs on here but it seems like, in part, it is a flawed system. Blizzard please address this issue as you would another more pressing issue. You enforce bullying and harassment on here quite strictly...perhaps you should do that whether you are posting in white or green.

EDIT: No, I didn't make this thread because an MVP disagreed with me in my post about common sense in BGs. I was going to make this thread anyway because it has been a long standing problem.
Blizzard please address this issue as you would another more pressing issue.

I don't think you understand how it works.
What did you expect to happen? Have Blizzard strip them of the MVP or ban them from the forums because you wrote a complaint to them?

I'm sure Blizz investigates the complaints and then warrants if any action is indeed needed.
"Listening to feedback" and "doing what I say" are not the same thing.
Why would they respond to you? And maybe, just maybe, the MVPs are doing fine and you're just an easily offended git.
You getting your delicate feelings hurt by someone with green text being blunt does not mean Blizzard should immediately strip them of their title.
Blizzard please address this issue as you would another more pressing issue

Pressing issue - a critical problem affecting a wide audience that needs immediate attention.

Personal issue - your problem affecting you that you can deal with quietly by yourself

Quit trying to make your personal issues into Blizzard's pressing issues. It makes you look foolish, high-maintenance and attention starved.
If it's been months then get over it?

MVPs have opinions like everyone else and often help people out.
"Listening to feedback" and "doing what I say" are not the same thing.

Yep.. Pretty much this.. If they did every thing everyone requested.. Well.. I've written an email also.. Want to guess what it is about?
Whatever the MVP said, are you sure you didn't take it out of the context of the discussion, with a possibly heated temper with nasty intentions, because their text it a different color than yours?
The world has become quite small when the subject of this post has become a critical issue.
I would imagine that they handle the MVPs privately either through email or their own private forum if a person's behavior is becoming unacceptable.

If you really think X person is a problem, then go through their posting history and pick out the posts/threads that are actually questionable. Provide links, the post text, a brief explanation on what they're doing, etc in a civilly worded email.

If you're unable to identify anything that can't be just described with: "I really hate this individual" or "This is really stretching it" ... Well, maybe you should instead just use the ignore function and take a break from the forums.
I'd love to see the content of those Emails you sent.

Edit: Oh, this thread is in response to the "common sense" thread, I'm willing to bet.
Blizzard trolls their playerbase more than the forum goers do.

Unless an MVP says something extremely & obviously offensive they wont do anything.
I'm primarily responsible for reviewing feedback about the MVP program. And though I don't get as much time as I would like to respond to the emails I receive, I still take the feedback into account.

The reality is we're working on some initiatives that involve new and enhanced communication channels. We're taking a look at how the MVP program can be better aligned with our goals to help foster a stronger community, and enrich the dialog between players and the World of Warcraft teams here at Blizzard. Some of these Community initiatives have already been rolled out in some capacity, while others are still in the brainstorming or development stages.

So, your feedback about the MVP program does matter (send to If you're concerned about the behavior of specific individuals in the program, I'll hear you out on that as well. I just can't guarantee a response, or that I'll agree with your interpretation of our policies and procedures for the forums.

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