Are Paladins good endgame

I've herd they become boring and not good in pvp endgame? is it true?
I'm not to the end game with this character yet, but I have been with several others, and nothing I've experienced playing my ret pally leads to be believe he won't be as !@#-kicking at 90 as he is now.

But we'll see.
I heard that if you pit mud on your face it makes you pretty!


Why not just level one then make a grown up decision for yourself. It's not like others will know what you find fun.
How a class becomes boring when they're at their strongest with their maximum number of abilities is beyond me. Care to explain that to us, OP?
Lol the replies are cracking me up... They are well said !

OP prolly should have thought this question thru before posting ...
If only there was a REALM that was open to the PUBLIC that you could TEST classes at max level in max gear....if only.....
Download PTR and find out for yourself. Ret paladins can be a lot of fun if you know how to use them.

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