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I wanted to create a pvp toon and a paladin seemed like a right choice. It having the ability to wear plate and heal is a great upside but have no idea for the healing ability. I'm not new to healing so i just need to know about how powerful its healing spells are and really anything i need to know. (when i say pvp im just generalizing everything). Give me all your information about them iv been reading on differnt sites but id like a personal view of a here and now HPally.
Thank you.
Hey! Well a few things you should know about this spec and class. If you have never played a paladin and really have no clue about what any of the abilities of a Hpally is I will try to explain a couple of the main things I rely on as a Hpally in BGs/Arenas.
First off. Illuminated Healing. Illuminated healing is a shield that builds up as you heal your target. In full tyrannical and with some mastery gems on my gear I can build up to a 160k Shield on my target. So each heal you give a target they get a heal and a tiny shield. Depening on how big the heal is the bigger the absorb. Im not completely sure about the percentage but, you get the point.
Second. Eternal Flame. It is a talent you can choose at 20. You should choose this over any other talent in that bracket. It replaces your Word of Glory. Eternal flame as of now (5.3) Builds up illuminated healing per tick. Its the ONLY HoT that paladins have. Don't get me wrong. Its fine that we only have one because we have illuminated healing and thats pretty OP from my perspective. Come 5.4 Eternal Flame wont build up illuminated healing (That's as of now and what I last read)
Third. Holy shock is your best friend. It builds up Holy power for your Holy Shock(Eternal Flame) And Light of dawn. Light of dawn is something you honestly should never use in bgs because it takes Holy Power and is a light aoe heal. Holy radiance should be used if you are aoe healing in a BG (If ever).
I don't want to spam anymore but that's the very short description of your main key points. Well key points I think every Holy paladin to know :)
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You already have a Druid healer, just stick with that. They are at a good place in PvP and they are getting a ton of buffs in 5.4.

What I hear from people that play a hpally and another healer is that you either have to work twice as hard as a hpal, or that the other healing classes are just designed to do it easier and more efficient.

I could never type out what it is like to heal in PvP as a hpal, so I just make some videos.

Its pretty transparent as to what abilities I'm using. Even on my mouse-over heals you can usually tell by the cast bar or by what just went on CD as to what I'm doing.

If you find something useful, that's cool. However, I will bet a doughnut that you will probably just stick with Druid in the end.

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