How fun is the Paladin Class?

I think it's fun, and tbh like having to have some sort of buff upkeep is good, and makes ret a lot less faceroll.
"How fun is the Paladin Class?"
"How fun is the Paladin Class?"

That's funny.
When I first leveled my paladin I never used inquisition. It never seemed truly worth it for me to keep it unless im about to burst or using my dps trinket. Now, I use it occasionally but I kind of prefer to use that holy power for off heals than that extra dps. when 5.4 hits, it will always be used, 20 seconds a holy power is well worth it opposed to 10 seconds.
Paladins are a blast.

I've spent a lot of time with all 3 specs and I can honestly say, they are all fun. Both in PvP and PvE.

I wasn't always a huge fan of Ret, but it has gotten a lot better with the addition of Holy Power. Back in the day, it felt so clunky and awful. While they have dumbed it down a bit since it first came out, Holy Power at least makes Ret feel like a real spec.

The rotation can get dull at times, but the burst is pretty good and being able to fend for yourself with self-heals and defensives makes for a pretty fun DPS class.

Ret PvP has gotten a LOT better in the last couple of patches, too.

Plus, as you and many others have already mentioned, it's a hybrid. If one spec gets boring or lackluster, you can always switch to another roll without having to level another toon.

Oh, and as far as Inquisition goes, it's totally fine. If it were a passive buff, people would complain about how boring and dull Ret is as a DPS spec. With the way it is now, people complain about how hard and/or annoying it is having to actually pay attention to your buffs when DPSing. No one is ever satisfied. At least having to focus on your buffs when doing damage makes for more exciting gameplay.
Ehh, what they've done with Holy Power in MoP hasn't dumbed things down any, just made it much more smooth. It was pretty dreadful in Cata, even though that incarnation was still miles better than what we had in Wrath.

Only dumbing down is in the upcoming change to Inq.

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