5.4 spriest pvp

Just wondering if anyone has had time to try it out and what they thought if the dmg reduction nerf is really obvious and really how shadow is feeling in 5.4 so far.

I know stuff can still change just curious of spriest in the ptrs opinion so far.

From all accounts I've heard: Spriest is garbage on PTR.

Not even going to try to mince words about it.
so not all that many changes and spriest are now trash......makes sense
Shadow Priests are in panic right now, because of how our class is designed

Because of how significant our damage output is reduced by training us, we will almost never get to hardcast.......without peels
And so we are 100% reliant on either the other team to be bad (which only lasts so long in arena) or to be carried through by a heavy-peel class like Mage/warlock

Now we are even SQUISHIER and so Shadow players are freaking out, because now we have 0 choices for arena teams.
Can't even run with a DK or Feral for dat fun DoT output anymore, because they simply can't protect us as much as we need it

Is the damage reduction nerf obvious when playing? Yes
Is our class destroyed? No longer playable in 5.4 PvP? No
God Comp will always be strong, no matter what blizzard does.....its just depressing in these times of melee cleaves, that we are still being nerfed
so not all that many changes and spriest are now trash......makes sense

You have to look at the cumulative effect.

Shadow has been nerfed hard every patch this expansion. And most of those nerfs are very significant.

You can't judge who got nerfed the most by counting up who got the most number of nerfs. You have to look at the magnitude of the nerf.

You also have to realize other classes have been buffed while we have been nerfed. Warlocks are going to replace shadow 90% of the time now.

Shadow brings nothing to the table. If they want heals ANY other hybrid is a better choice. If they want utility, ANY other caster is a better choice.

"but shadow brings amazing damage!"
That requires being babysat 100% of the time. A complete burden if you will. And let me ask: what class DOESN'T do great damage when they have peels and are allowed to freecast? If you are going to bring someone for damage, you might as well bring someone that can help peel/isn't completely helpless, and can provide more utility.
Their will still be 2300+ spriests chill out. I just hate the fact that we get abused and have the same old stuff and no mobility.
Shadow is actually disgustingly strong.
I've never complained about a nerf I took before, ever.

Now i'ts time. Please, mr nerfator, find any solution for our mitigation problem since you removed our 15%. Thanks!

*60% armor on shadowform means: Approx(still lower) the same mitigation against warriors and ferals.

Dks - shadow/frost damage.
Ret - Holy
Rogues - Shadow damage (burst), They have a 50% armor ignore passive anyways (which didnt work on shadowform mitigation but WILL WORK on our new armor. YAY!)
Casters- lulz

They are buffing dks, rets and rogues against us, like they needed this buff.
They are buffing all the casters against us.

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