Who's the most powerful being in WOW universe

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Li Li Stormstout. She can annoy people to death.
Sargares most likely, although we do not know his current status or some truth about a few things surrounding him and his avatar. Next would be the old god hiding in the ocean who caused the emerald dream, hour of twilight, etc.

It is a Titan or Old God for sure one way or the other.
It's actually me.
The time was twilight, the weather cold. In Goldshire, a shadow lurked.
Around and around this shadow lurked, feeding off of the innocent, feeding on fear.
The townspeople fled. The animals were slaughtered. Goldshire was lost.
Then came the Hero, the one who would change it all.... Chromie. She roared, slashed, flew, and blew fire. She found the shadow, and fought him.

And then Chromie died. There was a reason she never really helped you and stayed out of all the battles. One by one all the heroes and villains of azeroth did fall. Sargares, Elune, the Old Gods, the Titans.

Only then, did the shadow step into the light. To purify the disgusting world that taken over her precious azeroth.

Battle Pet - Chicken had seen enough crap. She was pissed. And fixed it.
Long live Chicken.
Millhouse Manastorm?
Shen'zin Su
Doctor Claw
Obviously Thrall...

Hes like, Jesus of the Orcs...
Toss-up between Basic Campfire and Hogger.
I can't believe no one has mentioned Chuck Norris.
the snail!!...that is all
Ol' Granpa Titan.

Or at least he used to be ...now he just sits around and mumbles about how the Twisting Nether was warmer in his day and wonders why Sargeras never calls anymore.
Stump Dwarf.
Darius Crowley.
Out of whos alive? and not including gods/titans/old gods/demi-gods?

Azshara would of used arthas and deathwing as toothpicks. She has insane power.

Aegwynn is still alive and was the guardian of tirisfal. she defeated the avatar of sargaras by herself.

Sylvanas has what, 7 more lives up her sleeve? you will have to defeat her multiple times to bring her down, although she lacks a hell of a lot of raw power compared to Azshara and Aegwynn.

some characters in the lore its hard to say with there overall power. Darion Mograine has massive amounts of unholy power, but when you compare it back to Aeqwynn or Azshara they could rip the continents to shreds by thinking it.

so im gonna have to go with either of the 2 ladies I mentioned before. Azshara probably takes the cake as the most powerful person on azeroth. Aegwynn misses out because her power isn't what it used to be when she was the Guardian.

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