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Hey, was wondering how much (about) does our sacred shield absorb for after battle fatigue? Also, how are paladins in arena on the PTR given the new changes - lay on hands usable, shorter cd's on bubble etc.
I haven't tested myself, but I'm under the impression that SS isn't very helpful without a ton of vengeance to beef it up. I'm not seeing a reason to switch from SH. Holy might be using other talents next patch, they'll have a buffed SS and SH will give them HoPo/instant super heals, but I doubt ret will switch from SH.

The buff to Unbreakable Spirit looks awesome, a wall for every single deep, a 2.5 min bubble... I bet that will be the go to versus most comps, and back to clemency if you really need the extra dispels/BoPs for teammates. With a little Purity for the rare double dot teams.
For ret, it's a 12k absorb in grievous gear.

Not sure for holy though.

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