need DK tank for sun & mon nights

Shattered Hand
Anatidaephobia of US-Shattered Hand
10 man horde progression guild
Sunday and Monday nights 6pm-10pm est
Point of contact: Corv#1911
Progression: *none* this is a startup guild building from the ground up, though many if not all members thus far have cleared ToT and/or many heroic bosses. I expect this guild to hit the ground running and be ready for 5.4 once released.

About us

Our goal is to be a competitive raiding guild with a "casual" schedule. We recognize that WoW is a game, not a second job. If you wanted a second job, you’d either get a real one or join a guild that raids 25 hours a week. However, it is our belief that hardcore attitudes can co-exist with a casual schedule. It is our belief that focus, preparation, and skill will down bosses in a more than acceptable time frame.

Anatidaephobia is a startup guild, yes that means building from scratch, but as a raider we do have some amenities immediately available to you.

***note guild repairs will be offered once the guild is fully operational***

We also offer a guild leadership who is dedicated to the success of the guild. We have a number of years experience in progression raiding as well as running a guild. So you can be assured this is not a project that we go into blindly.

Some things that we are looking for in a raider

*Attendance - As I am certain you have all seen poor attendance can kill a guild faster than anything. We need players who can and will show up on a constant basis and just whenever they would like to. We are a team and team must be able to rely on one another. This is not to say we require 100% attendance, things do come up and we all have to miss some raid time here and there. All we ask is that you give sufficient notice.

*Initiative - We would like all of our raiders to show some form of initiative. This being from experimenting with your own gear, researching boss fights, formulating strategies, or just volunteering to help with day to day guild business. The more people we have with the ability and willingness to step up and help the more success we as a team will have

*Reliability - This may be out of your realm of control but we do players who have a reliable internet connection. This doesn't mean you need to 100mb internet speeds but you must a stable connection. Constantly disconnecting is not only frustrating for yourself but for all involved.

*Gear - In order for us to achieve our goals at a reasonable rate we do require you to have a minimum item level of 500. This does have some flexibility and is a general guideline so If you are close feel free to contact us anyways. Ideally you would be 520 + item level so we shoot straight into SoO upon release.


Current Roster looks like the following:

1 Open
2. Paladin

1. rogue
1. warrior

1. Shaman
2. Warlock
3. Priest
4. Hunter
5. open

1. monk
2. Paladin

**roster will be updated accordingly & nothing is set in stone, there is some flexibility withi in the make up**
Bump for new peeps on SH!

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