Help with CLCRet Aura Buttons - T15 4-set

Yeah, even at 524 ilvl I'm using ClCret. Mostly for the aura buttons...handy little buggers.
Can't figure out how to get my T15 4-set proc to show in the aura buttons, or if it's even possible.

If anyone has managed to achieve this, or if I should just grab a separate addon for that one proc in particular (or all my procs, DivPurp FTW), your input is welcome.

Spell ID for the proc itself is 138164.
Something along the lines of this:

I have two different Templar's Verdict here, one by my Holy Prism is clcret's, and the bigger one is WeakAura, just purely showing that either works.

Replace target unit with your name.

Also deleted my above post cause I derped and posted my WeakAura's string instead of reading your post.

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