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Hello All,
I am going for a haste build and am looking for feedback on gearing. I have 2000 valor saved up and am trying to decide between:
1) Upgrading the gear I have. I am leaning towards this as I have some really good items that I don't see replacing (helm, legs, neck, back) in regular content.
2) Buying a trinket. Not sure if I should get the mastery+dodge trinket or the expertise+str proc trinket. I am leaning towards the expertise one as it would allow me to increase my haste
3) Buying the valor chest. Expensive, but the hit and expertise would allow me to gem/reforge into more haste.

Thanks for any advice!
I know Im not as advanced as you for gear or raid difficulty, so feel free to disregaurd my opinion.

You're over the Expertise cap (by.53% or about 170 rating) and while your reforging out of it on some youve also reforged into it on others. Have you picked up the addon ReforgeLite? You can set it up to value Hit and Expertise caps and it will fill those requirements before moving on to the next stat, and to be honest makes reforging stupidly simple. One warning though, wait a couple minutes after equipping a new piece before using this addon, Ive noticed it offering to reforge the wrong stats right after a gear change, but hitting calculate a couple times or waiting a couple minutes and trying again generally fixes it.

Personnally I prefer gemming haste and reforging for hit and expertise, however at my gear level it works out about the same. At yours I doubt either way makes a huge impact, but min/maxxing your gear can have an impact if you want to spend the time to do it.

One thing I did noice though is your weapon enchant. Dancing steel to me looked great at first. I mean come on str. proc, yeah! Once I realized the benefits granted from haste (I fought this build for a long time, realitive to me play time), Windsong started to take precedence to me. The haste, mastery, and crit procs are on seperate procs, and to be honest I dont know what the internal CD is on it but I have seen about 32% uptime for myself on most fights (no idea if thats just me being lucky or what). I think you'd see a bigger benefit to Windsong, not to mention on my server is 100g cheaper than Dancing Steel.

My gear plan involves the same trinkets you have equipped with the hit/exp chest from valor. That amount of hit/exp will offer you much more options for gemming and reforging haste.

Im not sure how much you value haste over other stats, but personnally at my gear level Ive found that matching socket bonus to be trivial. I didn't scour your gear or anything so Im not sure how valueable Id consider your socket bonuses at your gear level, but just something to think about.

Sorry for wasting space if you choose not to read this. Otherwise, hope I helped a bit.
Your gear looks like it's in a good place. I would spend the valor to upgrade things, starting with the thunderforged pieces and going down by item level from there. If you're working on the legendary questline, I'd hold off on doing anything with the cloak until you get the 600 ilevel cloak.

Frankly I haven't been impressed by the tanking trinkets in ToT. Soul Barrier is stamina with a really underwhelming on-use effect. More expertise from the Ji-Kun trinket might be nice, for tanks who don't already have enough expertise.

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