RPPM and daggers?

Ok here's a question that I haven't been able to find an answer for. With the way haste stacking and rppm trinkets are working for shammies, would it be viable to use 2 fast weapons like daggers or something to increase that effect? Sorry if this has been addressed before, just haven't seen anything about it yet and was high and curious =)
RPPM mechanics are based on Haste, Time since last Proc, and the innate RPPM value of the proc. Weapon speed does not factor on it, or at least not in a noticeable way. Daggers *could* end up on more procs due to their higher speed; however, the huge variance that RPPM has shown would likely negate any possible benefit from faster weapon speed.

And lets not forget that just by using Daggers as Enh you're basically shooting yourself on your feet while trying to dance. The idea is bad, RPPM mechanics or not.
Theoretically it should increase your RPPM procs.

But it would never work because of lava lash.
ahhh, makes sense. Thanks guys =)

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