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Greetings fellow paladins.

I came here to ask for help on my current gear and how to maximize my full potential as a dps. As you can see on my gear, I'm using lfr spark and the npc talisman. Does this trinkets hinder me from breaking the 160k dps or am I doing something wrong on my enchants, gemming or rotation.

Here are my guild logs on iron qoon and twins.

My guild is currently setting up a core 10m group that would push through heroics in preparation for 5.4. All spots are filled out except for one. Melee plate dps. They are looking to fill it with either me or a warrior which is under 20k dps with what I'm pulling. They wanted the warrior so they could have the buff / skill that which he will provide. Please help me help them to make me the right choice on taking that spot. Would appreciate all help and what other players could provide. Thank you in advance.
Well looking at your logs and armory I notice you are missing a smidge of expertise (not that it will make a huge difference). The one thing I really noticed was Inquisition, you refresh it a little too often. On the Qon fight you have Inquisition refreshed 24 times in a 10:50 second fight meaning you are refreshing Inquisition two too many times, which isn't honestly a huge deal but will give you two more TV's which is not going to make or break huge dps for you, but will improve your damage slightly. Yes your trinkets are holding your dps back, by trinkets I mean you don't have a feather. Feather is kinda dumb.

Another thing to realize especially if you are the only paladin who will be in the 10 man playing your other specs and maximizing your raid utility will be just as important as your dps if your group is serious about progression. Now I wouldn't say you need to be a master of your other two specs but being able to play them to some degree will make you way more desirable as a raider especially in a 10 man where the group cannot be as flexible as in 25 man. Also being able to communicate fluently as a fight will always make you desirable as a raider and being able to get along with the other raiders in a 10 man is very very important.

I wish you luck in getting the spot and remember that contributing to a group means a lot more then individual dps.
Only flaw I can find in your Armory is that you're not using TV glyph. With Exo now proccing it as well, there is absolutely no reason to never have TV glyphed. Trinks are fine, though, for now. You are hurting by not having a Feather - but the "Fabled" portion of its name is hilariously accurate. I also wouldn't sweat it too much as the thing is getting nerfed directly next patch, on top of the RPPM nerf.

As for the logs, it looks like you have some serious rotational issues. Looking solely at Consorts, a 7.75min kill, WoL shows you had a total of 4 ES uses in almost 8mins - half of what you should have...Five ES casts, sorry, looks like you used it once to heal. With having not died, there's really no excuse for so many wasted potential ES casts. Then there's Inq, which you've cast 20 times over the fight where you should really have only cast it 15~16 times. It's not a huge problem, but it is still wasted HoPo that you have to rebuild.

And, looking at the Full Report, in a three hour raid period, it looks like you used SS exactly once. That means you're being a burden on your healers by not doing everything possible to avoid/mitigate damage (kinda goes hand-in-hand with the TV glyph thing). I also notice a lack of Hand spells used, though that's not really a big deal in a 25-man where most of the need for that utility is covered by more people.

Now, as to the Warrior, I know very little of Arms, but he's not exactly got his gear in the best shape it can be - and I'm mostly contributing that opinion to his reforging. He's got more than 1.5% excess hit, and his Zerat is untouched. Looking at all the crafted gear and his achieves, I'm'na assume he hit 90 just a couple days ago? He's got one full-clear of MSV LFR, which means zero progress on the legendary questline - and that cloak is gonna be a huge boon once it actually turns orange.

Honestly, I think it would hurt your guild's 10-man aspirations more to bring the Warrior. What buff are they trying to extract from him - Skull Banner? It's a nice buff, but it's not a make-or-break kind of thing unless the group is stacking crit-heavy specs. Say the same of Battle Shout, unless the raid is physical-heavy. The health shout can be nice, but so's Devo Aura. Warriors don't really bring much beyond that and raw damage, but he's sorely lacking in gear which hurts his damage.

Focus on better managing your rotation (look into ClCRet if you have to) and the Paladin's array of utility, possibly try Selfless Healer. SH has been quite the boon for me and my raid group in allowing me to fake the addition of a fourth healer in certain situations.
I never thought using ES on cd would matter at the end. Never used it except to fill out empty voids on rotation. As for inq, I have clcret on to keep me warned whenever I need to refresh it. Am I relying on it too much or do I have to set it up so that it will warn me once inq is gone.

I also forgot to mention that the group already has 2 pallies, 1 prot haste tank and 1 holy pally as a healer. And the warrior who I am competing for that sweet spot is :

Soz for that grog.
Thank you both btw for the tips.
ES is third highest priority spell for single-target (LH takes its place for AoE, if you spec it - though there haven't really been that many fights this tier where LH has seemed superior), just behind Inq and TV5. The only "filler" L90 talent is Holy Prism, which ranks just above TV3~4 at second to last in priority. Part of the trick is that ES individual ticks can crit independently of each other, and the final tick is massive

Also, stiffer competition from the Warrior and existing presence of Pallies. How many others on Conq token? More than that, and I don't think there's a really good shot due to token overlap making it harder to get everyone their tier.

Looking at the actual competing Warr, though, I still say bringing him just for the banners/AP shout would be a mistake, though the case being made for you and the Paladin toolkit is somewhat diminished with the presence of two others. Also, if he's only 20k behind you in his current gear, once he gets his cloak and 4pT15 he may be a much greater damage asset.

But, considering you're comparably geared to me and I push closer to 180k on Twins, once you get your ES usage up you should be in much better shape DPS-wise. What's your priority string for ClC? And how do you have it set to handle Inq? Some tweaks there that could possibly squeeze out a bit more DPS. Something else you need to work on is how much avoidable damage you take. Fourth overall for damage taken, right behind tanks (I assume one tank got swapped at some point?). That's a lot of stress on your healers, and a lot of potential death - can't DPS when you're dead.
ugh, he got the greatsword and reforged away the haste. kind of makes me nautious
That's Warriors for you. -_-

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