Protection Warrior Stat Priority 5.4

As most protection Warriors would agree the current BiS Stat Priority as of 5.3 is:

Hit(7.5)/Exp(15) > Stam > Mastery > Parry > Dodge

(Though I prefer to use a Hit/Exp > Stam > Parry > Mastery > Dodge build)

With many high end Warriors (548+ ilvl) opting to use a straight Mastery build (Due to the amount of Mastery in the Heroic Thunderforged Upgraded gear allowing the individual to get close to 100% Critical Block while buffed)

With the current Warrior changes in 5.4, it would seem that a straight Mastery build would be BiS due to the Riposte changes, and our 2 piece healing for 30% of Damage blocked (Which could translate to alot of self-healing) although it seems Blizzard has insured that won't happen by taking most of the Mastery out of Tanking gear that drops (Although 4 pieces of our Tier include enough Mastery to equal 17.5% before being upgraded)

So when it comes down to it, with our 4 piece and gemming Mastery > Stamina, and Reforging away from Parry/Dodge after being 15%/7.5% capped respectively in Expertise and Hit, it would seem that there will still be quite a gap between fully buffed and the Mastery cap.

So I would like to hear other Warrior's thoughts on this matter, and whether or not you think that a Hit/Exp >Stamina > Mastery would be preferable to Hit/Exp > Mastery > Stamina
Pretty sure it still remains the same as what's been said, and it'll be based on whether or not you're doing 10 man or 25 man. As a 10 man tank going for Mastery is the preferred method simply because you'll be mitigating more damage with it, and simply because you CAN do it this way. However, 25 man scenario's have so much harder hitting mechanics and bosses that you need to have the higher stamina pool.

Nothing's really come up to change that out look, anyway. Not yet, at least. I'm still going to be going for my Mastery cap in my 10 man, and it's going to be achievable. The real situation that's going to be addressed, and myself and a few others in the Protection Warrior thread in this forum have been thinking about, is what's to happen for the tank that hits 100% crit block. Stamina, Crit, or Avoidance.

The soon-to-come number passes may dictate how some of us change our set up. However, I will say that if you're looking at the self healing, the two-piece in ADDITION to the "2.5% of damage returned as healing" trinket will be great synergy, especially on fights that will see our Vengeance soar.

And that's soar without the need to #VengeanceAbuse.
I have been told by many prot warriors that a full dodge/parry build is by far much better for tanking. You get more rage due to always having revenge proccing. That way you can absorb more dmg and keep shield block up 100% of the time. Also your damage will skyrocket with the riposte buff. Any thoughts?
This is an old post. Necro/10

and keep shield block up 100% of the time
Not actually possible.

Also your damage will skyrocket with the riposte buff. Any thoughts?
Damage is higher then mastery build, but not to the extent that some people claim.

11/25/2013 05:50 AMPosted by Zornhau
You get more rage due to always having revenge
Yes, and more enrage procs.

dodge/parry build is by far much better for tanking
100% subjective, mastery may suit you better. Or your raid team might need that little bit of extra damage from riposte build to beat an enrage timer. It's not as simple as this spec>that spec
I went mastery build lately to try it out, and i feel gimped in comparison. My dmg is easily 1/3 of my dodge parry build. And the playstyle is more rotational then !@#$ always proccing. I love how revenge always procs and i never miss even 1 global just pumping out huge dmg. With mastery build, i feel as all i am is a meat shield. (Which prot is good for) But i want to do dmg as well, and be in control of my mitigation.
I tank with the mastery build, at 100% raid-buffed mastery. It works exceptionally well for heroics, where blocking 60% of the 500k melee hits you're taking is beyond overpowered, especially when you factor in your 2pc healing back another 30% of that 60% hit. (If you count the healing as damage you don't take, i.e. the hit itself doesn't kill you, then melee hits only hit for 22% damage.)

The interesting thing about having so much mastery and so little avoidance is that almost every single hit I take gives me rage/enrage. I absolutely swim in rage, being able to keep sblock up for the important parts of any fight with good timing and having lots of rage left over to barrier any big hits that I want.

While damage dealt might be higher with the riposte build, in a 25man raid situation it really doesn't matter. If you have 18 dps pushing out 350-400k dps each, the tank doing an extra 50k doesn't matter in the slightest, particularly when the tank doesn't spike on HP at all and you can drop a healer for another real DPS.

Of note: My guild's tank quit when we were at about 5/14H and I character-swapped to start tanking H Jugg and Shamans with mostly timeless gear and a little LFR and was able to successfully tank our first kills of those fights using the mastery build, even at a 540-ish ilvl.

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