Gearing for low level Holy Pally

Hello i'm Rayer from agamaggan and I already made a thread of this but only one person replied i wan't to know how you guys geared for a low level Holy Pally. Thanks.
What do you mean?
Preferably mail (pre 40)/plate (post 40) armor with Intellect and Spirit. As this is hard to come by, you end up wearing cloth or leather until about 60-70. It doesn't really matter if all you're doing is healing dungeons as you shouldn't be getting hit by anything.

Armory says you are prot at the moment. Your gear is all over the place. As prot you have absolutely no need for Intellect or Spirit. As holy you have no need for Strength. You have no need for Agility any time ever no matter what spec you are.
Just to clarify a little, until you hit 50 all gear that has intellect and spirit on it is good for you. At 50 you get plate specialization. Plate specialization increases your Intellect by 5% while wearing only Plate armor.You can still wear any armor you wish, but at this point plate becomes the best for you.

You always want gear that has Intellect and spirit on them. When you reach 85-90 you will want to get as much spirit as possible and mastery. Your stats that you will want to get when you are first starting out are:

Spirit > Intellect > Mastery > Crit > Haste

As you get better gear (lets say all heroic blues and some epics) this priority changes to:

Intellect = Spirit > Mastery > Haste to 3502 rating or 25% (this is for Eternal Flame ticks) > Crit

The more gear you get, the more your stats are going to change. Your 3 main ones are Spirit > Intellect > Mastery. Once you get a bit of gear, I would double check with the forums again since there is going to be changes made to holy when 5.4 hits.

I hope this helps =)
Heirlooms, get a JC to make you some jewelry. Boots/Gloves/Belt go twink out and run some random dungeons until you get the pieces you want. Also enchant any of the heirlooms for that extra umph. It's well worth it.
Thanks for responding i'm a new player and all i've been doing for gear is running duengons thanks for the advice.
Also i duel spec'ed as a holy so that's why my gear isn't really for a holy pally but for a prot.
Also i duel spec'ed as a holy so that's why my gear isn't really for a holy pally but for a prot.

That Agility gear you are wearing isn't for prot or holy so ditch it as soon as you can. You need 2 separate sets of gear for the 2 specs. As you are levelling you need Intellect/Spirit gear for Holy and Strength gear for Prot. It gets more complicated at end game but following that simply rule will be ok until you get into the 80s.

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