Need some Tanking advice

First off I want to say that I have absolutely no tanking experience and no idea about a good rotation or even where to look. I have tried youtube and google but, all that information made my brain hurt after like two paragraphs lol.
The reason why I am interested in tanking is because my guild needs an extra tank for raiding. We do have a handful of tanks but, on certain raiding days they are either working late or aren't able to make it that night. Since I am on the raid team and I am still improving my DPS gear and fixing my rotation for raiding, I thought that I can be a better team player by tanking and letting another DPSer have a spot for the day.
I do have a starting collection of Prot gear from LFRs that I have done by switching my loot specialization, some from MSV, HOF, TOES, and TOT. Any useful advice will be grateful and thank you for your time.
The general idea is to use your holy power generating moves and keep them on cooldown at all times. On protection spec, that consists of judgement and crusader strike/hammer of righteous. Once you have 3 holy power you should use your shield of the righteous to help mitigate damage.

And that's really most of what you need to keep track of. It can get more complicated and specific if you want to get the perfect rotation, but the priority is usually just:

1. Crusader Strike/Hammer of Righteous (Depending on the number of targets)
2. Judgement
3. Filler

Always use Shield of the Righteous when you get 3 holy power unless your watching for specific boss mechanics.
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Treckie's Stream, very helpful and nice dude, usually answers questions on his stream, you might want to look at it for gameplay, ui setup etc etc etc
I use either seal of righteousness or seal of insight for tanking. Seal of righteousness provides great AoE damage, which means additional threat. Seal of Insight heals me(I usually use this for soloing, dailies, or when the healers are bad).

My rotation: Avenger's Shield>Judgement>Consecration>Hammer of the Righteous(or Crusader Strike on single target fights)>Judgement>Shield of the Righteous(Since this is off the GCD, I usually cast sacred shield at the same time as this)>Holy Wrath(when nothing else is up).

When hammer of wrath is able to be used, that's my first priority. Also keep consecration up at ALL times. For my 90 talent, I personally took the hammer that you throw at the grand that causes arcing light(heals friendly, damages enemies).

I personally have never put a priority on dodge(unless it's dodge vs. agility or something) as Paladins are more of a Parry/Block tank. My priority for stats is Parry>Stamina>Mastery>Hit>Expertise>Strength>Dodge. Some people will give you other stat priorities, it just comes down to what works for you.

I'd also recommend reading 5.4 patch notes as you decide what to do with you prot spec. Sacred shield will be 30% less effective, Glyph of the Battle Healer will work differently as well. :) Good luck.

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