Paladin mechanic wish list

Despite what everyone says I really miss re-applicable seals consumed on judgement. Double damage on judgment against stunned targets was awesome too :(...

I liked having to be smart with my stuns and judgment :(...
double damage judged on stun targets was nice.

Dropping a seal when we judged was awful... almost as awful as dispellable seals... remember how fun that was.

/despell /reapply /despell /reapply until oom then we got wanded to death.

Double dam on judgements would be nice though.... especially with the glyph for 50% more damage to the next judge on another target, it'd make for some interesting hard switches.

Honestly i miss Judgement of light and giving a tiny bit of healing to the raid chance on hit lol.

I do wish diff seals judgments still had different effects.

Taunt doing a little damage so we could kill totems with it.
Man those where all good times indeed lol, even trading globals with offensive dispellers lol
Divine storm healing, i do miss that too.
^^ you can glyph that, 5% per divine storm
^^ you can glyph that, 5% per divine storm

Weak compared to what it did, not worth the glyph slot unless you're doing something like the legendary questline.

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