Save the Sporeloks, kill Lord Klaq

Can someone give me advice on how to handle the grasping roots in the Funggor Cavern? When I ran Frahny through a while back I killed her and her pet . . . twice. I ended up dismissing the pet and jumping off the ledge near the entrance to avoid dying a third time and I don't think that's the way it's intended to be played. I'm missing something in my skillset that allows me to handle this challenge.

The alt is Athol, 63 human hunter.


There isn't much you can do, it's just a regular ability that the marsh dredgers use. It wears off after a few seconds though, so as long as you're careful about killing nearby mobs faster than they can respawn, and letting your pet hold them off of you (send it to attack first, and use Tenacity spec if necessary), you shouldn't be in much danger.

It's tricky in places like caves and slopes, but try to avoid keeping your back against a wall, so you can use Disengage if something heads your direction. The Ice and Freezing traps can be useful as well. And I think jumping down like you did is one common strategy, since the mobs respawn so fast in there. Just be careful about not jumping down into a group.
I didn't have any trouble with the mobs. Frahny's great at killing things, that was never the issue, it's the grasping roots coming out of the ground that did me in. I couldn't heal myself fast enough to both fight the mobs AND keep myself and my pet's health up from the health-sucking roots. The roots grabbed pet and self with equal fervor. I avoided the roots by jumping down when I really wanted to fight down and collect ghost mushrooms down and back.

Any strategy for dealing with the roots? This hunter (Athol) is not an herbalist so jumping down is a great plan (yeah, first time I died because the mob got me but I know where to jump to now), but she's not the only alt I'll be running through Zangermarsh and I like improving my abilities as I go. It won't be long before I'll be running my druid through there. It'll be interesting to see how differently I can play that set using her.

Advice on the grasping roots issue? I can see this is going to be relevant in future so I apologize for the pushiness. I really do need the advice.
I got it. I can't rely on DoT shots in that scenario. I have to pump my focus and put them down as quickly as possible so they don't have the time or energy to cast strangling roots. Duh. Walked right in using my big shot, killed Klaq and walked back out. I got caught once and my pet got caught once, no big. Breeze.
Heheh glad you got it worked out. I'd just been in there that same night with a paladin, and hadn't noticed anything unusual with the roots (and I figure a lot was from being a pally) -- however, I have a 62 hunter parked in Shatt, and had meant to run in him there last night just to see what would happen, didn't get to until this morning.

I don't know what the heck was going on, but he kept getting dazed and losing health, and was stuck in combat. He was also killing the mobs fast enough to prevent them ganging up, or even casting roots, but I noticed that once he'd gone down to where the quest mob is then headed back up and out, he started having problems. No debuffs showing, had him in Hawk aspect, no indications at all of what was happening. I didn't notice I was stuck in combat until I tried to switch to Spirit Bond just to see if it'd help.

I've seen something similar happen in other places, offhand it's common in the Barrens when I'm escorting a caravan -- there aren't any raiders attacking yet I'm taking damage. Kinda wonder if it's related to CRZ and/or latency. I haven't tried resetting the UI though.
And here I thought it was just my noobness coming through. Yeah I was am getting hit with dizziness (so is my pet) and being gripped by the vines but I don't know why. I had killed all the mobs near me and thought it may have been spores from the white or black mushrooms. Now I'm thinking it might have something to do with those evil eyed fungi everywhere. Either way I'm still trying to kill Klaq...
anyone know the coordinates for lord kraq?
Try not to bump such old threads. This one really isn't related to your question other than the name of the mob. Start a new one.

Lord Klaq lives down on the lower level of the Funggor Cavern. You can get to him quickly by jumping down from where you enter and then going to the right - just be careful you don't jump into too many mobs because you will take some fall damage too.
sorry about that

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