Holy Paladin PvP Tips/Tricks/Guides?

A little background on me and my Holy Paladin is essential before I start, I suppose. It was only two months ago this character was even switched to Holy. This also goes for a PvP focus, too. He was ret/pve and I was having fun but PvE always seemed dry to me but was daunted by PvP as a whole. I didn't keybind well, I did click a good number of spells, macro box was empty, reaction time was bleh and my knowledge on class mechanics was mediocre at best. I was influenced by my cousin and stepbrother on focusing PvP with them. It was simple, they needed a healer and I love the aesthetic/vibe of having a shield so Holy seemed like a new fun challenge. I do enjoy healing in PvP as it wins games. In this time, I have learned keybinds well enough that with time I haven't been looking down at the action bar a lot! I have made macros so I don't spend to much time clicking spells in a sequence and the best for last; I have achieved class mechanics very well to understand the pvp world and now I reside on Sargeras in a big PvP guild as a prime healing spot filled for rbgs. In time, I will be full tyrannical and then focus on caring for an arena rating. Currently I am just trying to learn as much as I can on a personal level so when the new season hits I am ready to unleash. I am having a ton of fun with the game now. I will never go back to PvE and Furyshield will be my favorite character in my 9 year WoW history :).

The reasoning for the topic; Holy Paladin tricks and tips! I've learned a ton of stuff over time to help me in arenas. I have a freedom/SoL macro I love, a couple macros to target pets and lichbourne dk's and turn evil, and I love my fake casting mechanic.
Aside from that, I'm working still on buying naga, but in the meantime I am trying to work on muscle memory to cleanse/HoF my arena friendlies, when to shield correctly, managing cd's wisely.

Please post your best macros/strats/useful advice for a relatively new HPally :)
I was going to recommend watching Zilea's stream, but apparently the twitch is private.

Some stuff on his youtube.


I always learn the most from watching pro players play.
Check out noxxic.com/wow

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