Shadow Priests in 5.4, really that bad?

I came back to WoW yesterday, and I remembered that back when I played heavily that I loved Shadow Priests. I hate "pet" gameplay mechanics, so that ruled out frost mage which is the only other class I really enjoyed back in BC. However now that I have one, I am seeing all this foreshadowing of Shadow Priests being nerfed to hell, and that we aren't going to amount to anything in the next patch.

Is this true? Am I going to get to 90 just to have the rug pulled out from under my feet?

While I'm wasting board space with a thread, I might as well go ahead and ask: How are we in PvE/raiding? Are we still just mana batteries?
Yes there are nerfs, but I personally love being a shadow priest. I only have a healing off spec to heal friends in bgs or random arenas, i used to have dual shadow specs.

Next patch will be tough, but I anticipate (hope) that blizzard will tweak things to make us better before 6.0

If you want to be competitive near the top, go Mage - fire doesn't have pets, but either way mages or locks are always good.

If you loved shadow before, come back to the purpley goodness baby!
simple answer: no

priests are perfectly capable dps and you could argue that they are the best healers atm. don't trust the "blizzard hates me" threads, they are never true. truth be told, the game is more balanced now then it has been in quite a long time in terms of PvE dps. sure some classes/specs are "better" then others but they are close enough that a skilled player of a "bad" class will be able to better then a poor player of a "good" class.

you are in no way mana batteries.

also, frost mage pets don't really require much (any) effort to control. they basically go do their own thing. you can micro manage them but i cant recall any situations this x-pac where you would need to.

some general advice, don't choose your class based on what is good at the time. they are constantly balancing the specs and they do a good enough job that, as i said before, skill is much more important. Pick a class you enjoy playing, get good at it, and watch bosses fall.
If the fight requires a lot of movement. With others in your raid of comparable ability and gear, you will be bottom of the pack. Blizzard has done nothing to address the problem shadow priests have when it comes to movement heavy fights, other than to make SWP give a tick of damage on application. Which is not advisable since it will overwrite proc applied SWPs. Every other caster has a movement friendly spell or ability, and locks are still going to be flat out dominating that faction even more so with the buff to Killjaden's Cunning that no longer nerfs their movement speed.

Edited for Mana mention: As for being a mana battery. That went out the picture a LONG time ago. It's certainly been a long time since you were on wow.
The nerfs will hurt, but we will be "fine"
The nerfs will hurt, but we will be "fine"

Nerfs won't affect a brand new priest who has no basis for comparison. "What used to be" may be stories for oldbies to regale the newbs. Old stuff is just old. Go towards the new, the future. Play for the Now.

Of course we'll be fine. We're always fine with every xpac and patch. Priests are the best class in WoW.
beating the old horse here but nothing beats vanilla spriests and tbc-wrath was beyond the best spriest days but yea we will see how this next patch goes......i guess =/
With the recent changes I think we'll be in good shape!

Vampiric Touch now deals 20% more damage.
Shadow Word: Death now deals 15% more damage.
Shadow Word: Pain now deals 25% more damage.
Twist of Fate's damage and healing threshold to activate has been increased to 35% (up from 20%).
Mindbender now deals 10% more damage, and mana return has been increased by 20%.
FDCL Shadow: Now has a 20% chance to activate its effect for Shadow Priests (up from a 15% chance).
Honestly, Twist of Fate and Shadow Word : Death should share the same threshold.
Twist of fate doesn't get used that much at all, 35% is pretty good, I think the healing should be increased to 40% or even 45% to be competitive, don't quote me on this though, I havnt done any tests for it.
Honestly, Twist of Fate and Shadow Word : Death should share the same threshold.

I agree.
09/19/2013 09:54 AMPosted by Waynebrady
Honestly, Twist of Fate and Shadow Word : Death should share the same threshold.

I agree.

!@#$ I agree too. If we could start Sw:D at 35% that would be a huge bump in dps, more orbs, more DP more insanity lol
Look at my level.
Now look at this:

I rest my case.

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The only useful thing on Noxxic is that it has lots of ads to take you away to other, better pages full of ludicrous claims.
The only useful thing on Noxxic is that it has lots of ads to take you away to other, better pages full of ludicrous claims.

I disagree, these numbers are fairly accurate.
Noxxic numbers are simmed. They aren't representative of anything, and looking at that list more closely, whoever is creating those sims appears to have been kicked in the head. The entire top 5 is a complete joke compared to actual numbers.

Frost mages #1? Wat?
MM hunters at #7? Find me one that has ranked, I dare you.
Affliction at #21? Apparently the sim's rotation includes hearthing out.

It bothers me to see so much helpless floundering when the spec is fine. Yelling too loud that we're broken is guaranteed to be ignored by Blizzard because they can clearly see stats that we're not. Yelling that we're broken -does- influence impressionable raidleads into thinking shadow is worthless.
If you think Shadow is in a bad spot you're hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
Shadow is in an interesting place right now. Single target and movement fights is where we're going to suffer most. Sha Of Pride, Immerseus, and Iron Juggernaut are where I find my dps to be lower, although in these fights on normal and flex, it is still competitive. Council fights and multi target is where we really shine, usually topping the meters on fights like Protectors and Gal.

We also have the somewhat unique distinction of being one of the few "support" specs left in the game. To put it simply, Shadow puts out a LOT of raid healing. The level 90 talents, VE glyphed, and Tranquility with symbiosis allow us to contribute significant hps to the fight. We can also mass dispel the raid, provide mana, and life grip raid members. Our utility makes us extremely useful, even on fights where our dps might not be the strongest. We can also do minor healing on fights like Immerseus (I tend to flash heal the blobs to help out our healers) and have strong self healing and survivability (despite the overkill on the shadowform nerf)
I seem to do fine as well as the other shadow priest in guild. If you know the mechanics to the fight and know how to respec on the fly they your dps should be alright. By no means will you be the num 1 dps on a single target fight but you sure wont be trounced like previous patches.
Shadow is in a -Terrible- place when it comes to single target fights. Add in movement requirements (Heroic Malkorok / Thok) and Shadow priests everywhere should just sit the bench, truthfully.

While they bring a decent amount of raid utility (Hymn, VE, Dispersion), they are seriously hurting single target-- this coming from someone utilizing the 4 piece in pretty good gear.

On the multi-target side, however, Shadow is in a very good spot (despite the nerf to SWP). Rolling dots and mind searing the damage feels competitive with other classes.

Suggestion for improvement: Buff the 4p

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