What valor piece do I buy next?

I’m torn about what piece of gear to buy next. I won’t buy anything til after I run all the LFRs this week, but saying my gear stays the same, what are your suggestions? I’m very aware that my shield and belt are both intellect pieces, I haven’t had a choice. The belt dropped in my first Trove run and no other waist or shield has dropped since then. Also apparently trinket drops hate me. I’m going between Brutal Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault, Bonecrusher Bracers, and Reinforced Spiritplate Girdle. Or is there something else you’d suggest?

Thanks for the help.
Weapons and trinkets are typically of higher priority over other pieces of gear, so I would recommend getting the trinket. The one case where I would opt in for another piece, would be if my current was very low iLvl. But looking at your gear, the trinket is probably your best choice.
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/94508 procs all the time for me, and it frees up reforging/gems for haste. Some guys will say not to be bound to a trinket for hit/exp caps, but unless you are doing heroics and need the stam trinket, its fine.

I don't like the wrists, even for ret.

For a belt, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/95083 is better unless you really need the hit rating. Reforge the crit to haste, throw a 320 haste gem or the wicked vermilion onyx for the socket bonus.

Shields will haunt you forever. Go farm som JP, convert it to HP, then get the PvP shield. It'll get you thru till one drops.

Wrists are a tricky b!tch. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/95650 would be best imo, if you can get them to drop

Good luck bro!
Great, thanks so much guys! I think I'll take the trinket. Bralton, thanks for the belt idea, I totally missed that one. I definitely think the one you suggested is better, bc I'm not in need of hit. Isn't the pvp shield intellect? Well, I guess it's still better than the intellect shield I have now haha.
This is the PvP shield:


Mastery is good, Crit can be reforged, the PvP stats don't effect your stat budget.
Oooh, that's not what I remembered. That'll be perfect for the time being. Thanks for the help man!
None, just save your valor for next patch it's like 2 weeks away.
Really, did they just announce that? I'll def wait then. Has any vendor info been released yet, like what I can look forward to buying?
Really, did they just announce that? I'll def wait then. Has any vendor info been released yet, like what I can look forward to buying?

There is no new valor gear, and the current valor gear is lowered something like 36%

So look forward to buying the exact same thing, but cheaper.

Or trading valor for new coins which is pretty much what everybody is going to be doing.

27th is the end of the season and blizz has posted "It would be wise to start capping valor".

So if the patch isn't on the 27th it'll prob be the following week.

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