Do ret pallies have a dispel? Trying to do the Even Giants Fall daily on IoT and i would prefer if i could do it by myself or by not having to learn holy spec. Thanks
You mean an offensive dispel? No. Holy doesn't have one either. But that quest is really easy--hell, I got the achievement for not killing any of his priests with worse gear than yours. If you're having trouble, blow cooldowns on the priests. The more priests die before Tak'u consumes them, the less powerful he is.

And always kill the Hydra priest first.
Ya i was only able to kill 1 priest before he activated. Also my guardian was on cooldown so maybe thats why
Nevermind. Just tried it again. Got 2 priests down and blew all cds. Got him down farther but lost him on the waves of hydra.
Yeah, I edited into my post to always kill the Hydra priest first. That's who gives him the self-heal. The rest of Tak'u's abilities are avoidable.
Do the hydra priest first.
ok i see what you guys mean. I didnt realize they had different names. I just assumed the ywere all standard Zandalari priests. My bad.
GOT IT!!!! Thanks guys :)

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