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The Dark below is mentioned in WoW already, it is the WoW expansion. I mean Ozumat is used by QUEEN AZSHARA and his title is Fiend of the Dark Below.

Great. More Old Gods.

No Hearthstone was TM'd a few months back in some country that doesn't have public TMs.

Ignoring the timing? No I am telling you this.
And this wasn't. The code used indicates it's freshly filed, rather than transferred according to Bluespacecow. Again, they wouldn't freshly file the trademark for something they intend to announce in a week.

I don't know. It doesn't seem hard to just keep the name at bay. You do it now so it doesn't cause 3 months of a hype train.

Now it will be about a week or so of a hype train till Gamescom.
According to BSC's research, this was actually just filed, rather than filed offshore in hiding and moved to the US like I believe Hearthstone was. They wouldn't freshly file a trademark for something they're announcing in a week.

Pretty sure that what happened with MoP, remember? Everyone though it was a joke... not so funny now
I really hope this is the next xpac that will combine the forces of the horde and the alliance to prepare us for the burning legion xpac.

I know it could be a D3 xpac but hear me out.

MoP was trademarked around August 2nd, and Blizzcon that year was held on October 21st.

This was trademarked just recently, I'm guessing, so August 14th, and Blizzcon is going to be held on November 8th.

The time difference is only about 5 days, coincidence I think not!

Wow .. you figured it out this post proves what we've all been koticking for

5 days you turn the valves 5 times to full open it. In 5 days blizzard will announce the merger with Newell and valve.

Kotick had blizz working on a super secret project. In 5 days 5 hours 5 minutes and 5 seconds from now we will have proof.

Half life 3 confirmed.
^ Had me laughing.
08/13/2013 02:26 PMPosted by Zerkked
The name Hearthstone was already trademarked a long time ago, and you are ignoring how the timing they trade marked this is pretty much the similar timing they trade marked MoP

No Hearthstone was TM'd a few months back in some country that doesn't have public TMs.

Ignoring the timing? No I am telling you this.

Blizzard said they have something Diablo related to show at Gamescom.

Gamescom being a few weeks away.. Oh looky here a trademark for The Dark Below. Like 1 and 1/2 weeks till Gamescom.

Listen I'd love to know what the next expansion is but this isn't it. And honestly if this way it I'd probably hate it.
I don't care about the Naga or there underwater lands. Vash'whatever was terrible.

So lets hope this is a cool expansion pack for Diablo 3 and then in the coming weeks we get some badass legion sounding name which would mean WoW.

Name for me a single time that a Blizzard trademark was filed a mere week or two before an official announcement of something.

To my knowledge every single time a trademark argument has come up it's been about two or three months prior to Blizzcon. I clearly remember arguing about the MoP trademark in August of 2011. Blizzcon was in October that year. Cataclysm? Trademark was filed in late June/early July of 2009 with Blizzcon/accouncement on August 21st (clearly remember this one since my b-day is the 22nd and I flat out had Cata pre-ordered and paid off as my present the very next day)

You're welcome to assume that TDB is for D3 since there's suppose to be an announcement regarding D3 at Gamescom. However don't forget that D3 releases for the PS3/360 in September. While an expansion announcement is possible it's just as likely that whatever is being announced is regarding the console version of D3.

I won't rule out a D3 expansion for the PC but I personally doubt it'll be called TDB since that name has already been used in WoW several times. There's also the fact that a trademark getting filed a week before Gamescon doesn't really fit in with the typical timeline for these sorts of things. Yeah I know....Hearthstone yadda, yadda, yadda. HS is far from a typical Blizzard game however. In any case a week isn't a whole hell of a lot of time for Blizzard to have marketing materials ready to go. Sure they could have had them pre-printed but it would really throw a wrench into their plans if someone else trademarked the name "The Dark Below" on perhaps the 9th of August.

Bottom line: if a D3 expansion does get announced and it's not called TDB then I'd say that leave it 99% confirmed for WoW.

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