Battlefield: Barrens Ending Soon

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Farmed all the 500 resource items last week, but sadden that this event is going away. While Barrens gives me a headache, the idea behind this system is brilliant. I'm hoping that the GoodTIME Isle is fun.
Please keep something like the Barrens weekly/Champions of the Thunder King in mind for future xpacs/patches. At the start of MoP, it took way too long to cap VP (most of the week for me) so these 200/150 VP weekly quests paired with 120 VP for a H Scen and 80 VP for your first heroic infinitely speeded up the capping process for me. I could jump onto alts quicker and cap as well.

I'll agree that capping in a day in Cata was too quick; the way it is right now is perfect.
wait so only the weekly quest will be gone? the same mobs will still be there in the barrens getting supplies of lumber, meat, stone and oil for Garrosh?

I am only asking because a lot of my guildies and I farm the mobs for lesser charms

PS: i didn't read the whole thread
I would have loved to get the Kor'kron armor :(
One thing I really enjoyed about this event was the commander sniping. It struck me the difference of player mentality between killing mobs at the various camps (oil, stone, lumber, and meat) and killing the commanders.

In the camps, people tried pulling mobs separately, greedily tagging as many as they could manage before other players could. It was a very dog-eat-dog environment, just as WoW has always been with mobs.

When it came to killing the commanders, though, everyone worked together. No hunters stinging mobs just as you approach them, no mages AE dropping in small packs, none of the greedy me-first attitudes that world pve has traditionally fostered. With commanders, people mounted up and went in for the charge together! People were actively discussing it in Barrens chat, even.

That seemed to help foster a sense of community, from what I saw. It actually felt like you were working together with people, and it felt good.
Keluri: It felt great, and I made a few friends Horde side as a result.
Here's a question that probably hasn't been asked, but came up in another thread.

With Battlefield: Barrens ending, will CRZ return to Durator?


Fortunately, it's likely to return. I don't really see any reason why it wouldn't.
I've still got 4 other 90's to get that damned title on. 3 of them have it...

My poor 85 Rogue, 83 DK, and 80 Monk will forever be alone without it. :(
09/06/2013 04:14 PMPosted by Keluri
People were actively discussing it in Barrens chat, even.

Wow, how long has it been since Barrens Chat meant something? I was horrified to be able to do the first quest and all of the weekly without seeing anything said in General :(.
That sucks. Hope there is some newer gear that I can collect in lieu of the Latent set.
I am kind of sad the barrens is ending. I am wondering if I should get pair of troll shoes or not.
Tried hard to quest and get the title...been away for too long and I just missed it. Ah well. Was fun to late night run for the title until they shut the servers down, my only regret is that I didn't get the title in the end. Oh well.
The boots that got to the Blue and Gold trim DK set that you farm from Naxxramas Please make those availible in the DK quartermaster so at the very least DK's can have the full set.

Please Please Please. I want the look of the whole set on my other DK's who I didn't have time to get the boots for during this one patch in order to get them the set look in completion.
I'm begging Please Please.
I came back in time to farm everything... & as the realm went down, I had 471/500 oil.

So no seein' sauce for this Warlock. :( Ah well.
Darn I was really enjoying BB..:(

I always hated those quests...
RIP barrens
now that you're gone you will be missed
but oh how I hated you when you were here

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