Holy Paladin - Healing Help - Pushing 2k+

Hey lads,
ahhh where to begin..... ok well tthis is my first season of wow im really loving pvp at the moment and im really trying to push 2k on my holy paladin! i have got bop, freedom, dispels, sac macros and all im doing fine with mana management, keeping my players toped up and all but there is just one thing that is letting me down from getting from 1980ish to 2k, and that is Losing and cc. Im really struggling on keeping an eye on the enemy healer / dps cc's. im not really sure how to explain what situation im in but i just keep getting cc locked out i try hug pillars as much as i can but it never really works out for me. if someone can please give me a few pointers of losing, and prevent me of getting cc's that would be another step closer to getting 2k!
Thanks :)

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