Starting back up...need help!

Hey guys so I noticed all my Curse addons are gone...not sure why but they are. I am currently in Pandaria at Thunderfoot Ranch. Just wondering what I should be doing and what addons I should get back?? (general addons, raid addons, pally addons etc).

I wish my addons weren't all gone :(
Just go back to Curse and download the client - it's free, and it keeps track of all addons for you in case you need to update or redownload them.

You can also pull up a list of most popular addons, and just go down the list and start downloading - chances are, the addons you used before are still popular.

At the minimum I'd get the following:

Unit Frames - choose one, I use x-perl
BigWigs or DBM
CLCRet (if you are ret)
WeakAuras (to keep track of all your procs)
Should I change my talents/auras any??
You are a tank right? If yes,

Well, Treckie from Method is a good plus to watch, Compare your gear, talents.


For the Auras, we use the Seal of Insight.

We are now using Ret Gear and Haste Gems all the way.

Good luck

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