[PvE] Few Questions on Retribution

Hello guys and gals of the Paladin forums, good day.

I have a few question in regards to Retribution.

1) Amy I doing the reforge right or do I lose some haste and get some Mastery since I'm not great gear yet?
2) Since I have 2pc, if I use an exorcism and get to three HP but have another free exorcism with proc do I sit on it while I templars verdict or do I use the free proc?
3) Is my opener proper? Pre Pot, Exorcism, Judgement, Crusader Strike, Inquisition, Wings, GoAk, Execution Sentence.
4) Just a quick, how are Rets doing/looking in 5.4?

Trying this guy out for some fun and just wondering a few things.

Edit: Just noticed I logged with 3 PvP Pieces on will change right now to original Shoulder/Trinket/Pants
i prefer using zealotry to get inquisition up. then you can macro all of your cooldowns to one button, hit HoW for 3 holypower then inquisition. this lets you use your burst for the duration of your trinket procs and you can then use execution sentence after you reach 20 stacks of your guardian or when your strength trinket is about to expire.

if you use 3 abilities to get inquisition up you are wasting trinket proc uptime at the pull which provides huge burst damage when you could just use one ability to get inquisition up, and execution sentence scales so well with strength it is better to use it when your guardian is closer to 20 stacks but while your strength trinket is still active (and potion too).

this is just how i prefer to play. alot of other pallies use the other talent for longer duration of avenging wrath.
1) Haste is better than any other secondary stat, save hit and expertise, until you reach 50% haste - and there's no haste-based raid buff that counts towards this total.

2) Strictly speaking, it would be better to generate more Holy Power or dump Holy Power before reapplying the Exo debuff, unless you're AoEing and have MassExo glyphed.

3) Essentially, yes. You do need to wait for GoAK to build stacks before using ES, though, as it does not dynamically update stats.

4) No nerfs in sight yet. 4pT16 is still pretty meh compared to 4pT15.

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