The "Shattered Sun" Champion Transmog.

Hello Fellow Paladins,

Last night I started to put together a set for the "Shattered Sun" Champion Transmog. There are more pieces to the set that I need to get and unfortunately not many perfect matches but I am trying to piece it together the best I can. What do you think, have you ever seen this idea for a transmog?

DISCLAIMER: I understand many of the pieces DO NOT MATCH I am working on it!
Nice, keep it up
To be fair, I think it actually matches pretty decently. A new weapon and maybe helm would be nice, though I can't think off the top of my head what else would fit the black/gold/red motif you have going on..
If you could get red accents on your sword and shoulders I think that would finish it
Try using the tier 7 10 man version with that tabard, it works wonders!

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