Paladin UI Help!

I figured out which UI I was using in the past...Towelliee's...downloaded that and just setting everything up! Sorry
I'd recommend using the stock WoW UI. If you can play on that, then you are much more skilled than other players imo.
Your actually right....I never used Towelliee's UI in the past, I think I just copied his layout with Bartender and scratch that...I deleted that and I am currently making my own UI layout
I use Affinichi's UI, as a tank and i'm very happy of it.. so it prolly depend of you.

Imo, using the WoW UI does not make you a better player.
Using Stock UI doesn't make you better or worse, people who claim so generally have inferiority complexes. /scoff
I use ElvUI, with some modifications, and it's super clean and has all the relevant information you need without obscuring the screen.

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