Well you feel that way I feel differently. Moving on.
It would be nice if Unbreakable Spirit lowered the duration of an existing Forbearance. With the change to it in 5.4, this would mean it going to a 30 second duration. This would make it an especially tough decision between it and Clemency, as US does not lower Hand of Protection's 5 min cd - so it would really depend on the circumstances of content and group configuration.

Forbearance is obsolete and in need of updating, but in order for it to be removed, our shields would honestly have to be downgraded. They are powerful, and with 5.4 allowing us to reduce Divine Shield's cd to 2.5 mins, that is no small thing. Also if you pair it with the Glyph of Devotion Aura, which sets that skill to a 2 min cd, giving us some much needed extra help versus blanket silences.

If you notice, all this is heading Ret towards a massive unstoppable spike approx every 2 mins. That's no small thing.

Side Thought - Unable to verify this atm (maybe someone can find the answer), but I'm hoping the 5.4 change to US will allow LoH to be usable in arenas since the cd is changed to 5 mins.

But the thing about Hypothermia is it only comes from Ice Block. During Ice Block Mages cannot cast, cannot attack, or even move - although it should be pointed out that any effects going on them when they block DO continue while in the block <- this is how mages can heal up during a block. So for the most part all things we can do with Divine Shield which they largely can't. Hand of Protection is basically Immunity vs Melee+Hunters for HoPals. Again, no small thing.

For Forbearance to go away completely, our shields would have to cease to be immunities and be simple damage reductions. You sure you want that? I'm not sure I do atm. If anything, I wish as Ret I could glyph Hand of Protection to work against Magic instead of Physical and only allow melee attacks and no casting instead (aka reverse the effect and limits).

But back to the Mage aspect of this conversation. I don't like them either, but it's not the blocks, or the hypothermia 30 sec duration, or the blinks that drive us nuts about em. Sure we don't like those, but the big one is Counterspell. Blanket silences. That's our bane. Mages just abuse it the most and as a result are the most overpowered vs us. Hunter's Silencing Shot and DK's Strangulates work similar, but aren't as OP.

Silencing Shot only lasts 3 secs.
Strangulate lasts 5 secs, but has a 1 min cd.
Both of those are deadly when used correctly, but workable.

Counterspell has a 24 sec cd, like Silencing shot, and lasts 6 goddam seconds.

If you wanna be mad about something with Mages, BE MAD AS HELL AND NOT WANNA TAKE IT ANYMORE about that.

So in summary:
- If you wanna loose Forbearance entirely, then admit our shields need nerfing. Just be honest about it.
- If you're P.O.'d about Mages, be mad about what it is exactly that makes them so OP against us, Counterspell. Don't hate the class, hate the skill. Hate the imbalance of it.
Remove forbearance. Sounds reasonable. That means that people with clemency talented can now divine shield into hand of protection into hand of protection into lay on hands for a grand total of 8 seconds of fully immunity and 20 seconds of immunity to physical attacks and debuffs, and then we get to fill up our health bar whenever we want. That seems to be completely fair and balanced and would in no way lead to game breaking possibilities.

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