So... Vanity Items in the Blizzard Store

Demonic-looking fire horns, a frosty toast to Skeletor, and a dark hood of bloody darkness.

I dunno about the rest of you, but I'd lay down some hard cash for a vanity headpiece that simply gave us golden Light-glowing eyes like ol' Turalyon, or even the holy blue glow found on some of our pvp sets (a little darker and more saturated than dk eyes).

How about the rest of you?
I'd be happy with Crown of the Fire Festival being transmoggable.
Honestly I don't like the current 3 vanity head pieces they have now. They come off a little too "cartoony", maybe except the firehorns. I'd be open to some more vanity pieces but I hope they'd be a bit better looking than the current ones.
I'd be happy with Crown of the Fire Festival being transmoggable.

Fire horns make your eyes glow fiery.

Grand marshal helms make your eyes glow blue.
I also noticed that the introduction of three vanity helms all appealed to the darker classes / styles than what a paladin should have.

This needs to be posted in the general forums.
Nothing wrong with selling cosmetic items

But this isnt a paladin specific issue.
They horns are elemental in nature. They're okey-kosher.
Didnt like any of them. Plus, as you can see, the frost skeletor helm isnt needed by myself.

I actually wish for 1 thing. If anyone ever played original Everquest, about 10-11 years ago, they had developed a 'dye' system. You could color your armor what ever you wanted. I would love that. Or, if anyone played City of Heroes, you designed your hero or villain ahead of time including what they looked like and their costume. Do that and make armor just a stat vehicle. That way, people can look however they want. And people wont have e-peen issues over gear.

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