ToT tank 2piec set vs shield of the righteous

so it says if you cast WoG you will gain 40% block value for 5seconds per holy power.

you have to give up using shield of the righteous which for me right now i think is roughly a 35% damage reduction for what...3 seconds?

so i can cast WoG at 3 holy power. then i can get in maybe one shield of the righteous before it wears off. i'm really just guessing i could be way off.

also i use zealotry so i can get the 2piece buff up then just spam SotR for 15 seconds

is it worth getting this 2 piece?

i would have to use my helm lfr token and get another legendary meta so i'm just wondering if it is worth all the trouble transmuting that many gems for another legendary meta for this 2 piece.

35% damage reduction? How? Even in my crappy tanking gear ShoR has a 43% damage reduction.

But no, while the set bonus isn't bad to have, it's not something to actively strive for either. It's not something you'd ever prioritize keeping up. All it does is make the times you'd normally cast WoG less of a trade-off. (The four-piece bonus, on the other hand, can be very good depending on how much damage you're taking.)
it's 44% with mastery buff on. i gemmed and reforged for haste and expertise first.

honestly the 4 piece sounds like it really sucks.

maybe if it was active all the time, but it only works with divine protection on.

what is the damage reduction on shield blocking? i forgot but with the 2 piece up i would have 71% block for 15 seconds.
Yeah, I always have Might on. Not even sure what ShoR does without it. :U

Blocks are 30% reduction. You're trading a guaranteed 40-50% damage reduction for a chance (high or not) at a 30% reduction, and ShoR works against unblockable attacks. It's not worth it.

As for the four-piece, Divine Protection has a 30-40 second cooldown so it's up quite a bit. From what I've heard, against heroic 25-man bosses it can generate a lot of Holy Power. Against 10-man bosses, not so much. Its worth depends on what level of content you're doing.
ok. sounds like maybe 2 piece would be good for tanking bats on the turtle where i could be blocking alot of damage? not sure. very situational.

my tier tank helm will probably just collect dust then. i treat my tank spec like an alt character.

Thanks for your help!
Since blocks are rolled on a separate table from hit/miss/dodge/parry, its another RNG thing I wouldn't worry about.

If you are tanking bats, SotR is going to be better because you are reducing all inc physical damage for that 3 to 6 sec if you throw two back to back.

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