Calling all Holy Pallys

I recently leveled this guy to 90 and am looking to go Ret in PVP, and Holy in PVE. I almost have full dungeon gear with this guy in Holy. I'm curious as to what I do in holy to heal, I am always last on the charts in LFR
Well, unless I'm looking at your armory page wrong you've got quite a mix of healing, DPS, and tanking gear. That could be the problem. You might also want to fill in your glyphs, since they help a lot with performance as well. Same with enchants, once you get correct equipment. Gems help a lot, too; you'll typically want to gem straight spirit until you feel comfortable with your regen, then throw in INT/Mastery or INT/Spirit gems.

But as far as how2heal goes, you're going to want to stack Mastery up the whazoo (after you've got a decent amount of spirit and you've hit a haste brekapoint that's within grasp of your gear) and let out a bunch of Eternal Flames on everyone. Use Holy Shock on cooldown as it's the main Holy Power generator, then make good use of Infusion of Light procs with Holy Radiance (if the raid is (going to be) taking so hits or Divine Light on the beaconed target (tank, usually) when they're going to be focused. Don't be afraid to use your cooldowns; Holy Avenger is a great one. Make sure you're using all your mana generating CDs on-cooldown pretty much (Divine Favor as soon as you dip 85%, if glyphed, works decently) and melee if you have to.

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