[A] Siege of Orgrimmar Flex Group Recruiting

Moon Guard
Hello, Moon Guard. Comfortably Numb is forming a flex raid team. While our main raid team is currently 3/13 H in ToT and 4/14 in SoO and we're planning on continuing in normals and heroics into Siege, we all have friends and the like who can't raid with us regularly for whatever reason. Since flex raiding gives us a chance to play with those people again as well as have room for others, we're opening up the group to those who would like to regularly work on flex modes for fun/achievement/alts/whatever with us. You do not have to join Comfortably Numb to participate in this group, though when spots open up on our main raid team in the future, we will be looking at regular attendees of this group first to see if anyone fits our needs before recruiting from the server at large.

With all that said, here are the details!

What: Siege of Orgrimmar Flex
When: Fridays at 10 pm server (Central). Invites go out at 9:45 pm. Will run for two to three hours depending on the group's needs and desires. We will start the first Friday after 5.4 arrives (currently looking like Friday, September 13th ).

-Ilevel of at least 500 with appropriate gems and enchants for your role already applied
-You must have DBM installed and working
-You must have Mumble installed and working. You don't need a mic or to talk, but you do need to be able to listen (and Mumble is superior in quality and lower in latency to Vent)]
-Feasts will be provided, but you will be expected to bring your own flasks
-People who are willing to show up regularly will be given preference

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Adalia in game.
dis guild kil things gud

if want kil things gud join teem, nd mane thins die n many purpls u get

And if killing things and purples are not your sort of thing, you get all access upclose viewing of my hat.

There really is no reason not to join up here.
do u want jammershammy for the healing and the elementals???
You'd certainly be welcome if you'd like to come, Jammer!
I've got an invite list going on the calendar, so if you'd like to be added, just whisper or mail me in game.
I don't suppose you'd mind if I tagged along with your group for a while in 5.4? My group was 6/12 into regular ToT before real life took us apart. My ilevel is at 521, I can follow instructions, and I come with a free hat!
You'd be more than welcome to come to the flex nights, Mordrime! I'll add you to the invite list.
With the patch now looking like it will arrive on September 10th, that pushes our start date for the flex group to September 13th. Still plenty of time to get ready and get on the invite list for those who are interested.
I just wanted to give everyone a reminder that we're doing this starting Friday.
I don't supose you have room for a mage do you? If so, I would love to come...XD I can easily get the !@#$ I need.
I would be interested in joining this! I'm survival/bm hunter ilvl 516 looking for a group to flex with.
Calendar invites have been sent out to everyone I've been made aware of who's interested. Please remember to have Mumble already set up before tomorrow!

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