Getting attacked while pet battling...

Pet Battles
So I was hunting an Unborn Val'kyr and I came a across a level 22! I captured it and was on my way to easily defeating the other two remaining pets when a hunter attacked me... This canceled the pet battle and the Val'kyr did not respawn... Needless to say this is ruining the fun for me fast. About to quit wow at this rate... Few things left in this game are enjoyable and after spending way too much time searching for that pet and having that happen... About to say good bye to my account.

Why they made it this way I don't know. Before I thought you went into your own zone, then I thought people could watch you, but apparently they can ruin it for you too. Thanks Blizzard! Just what I wanted...
You are looking for a pve server. They are aware how it works and have stated they have no interest in changing game mechanics due to pvp servers. Sorry for your loss and hope you find another soon.
In b4 "pvp happened on a pvp server."
Well that is pretty lame...
Well that is pretty lame...

What's equally lame, or was, is for years and years people from PvP realms bragged about how soft/easy/lame PvE servers were, claiming since they were on PvP servers they were someone better or more hardcore... when servers were near empty.

Now, after cross realm has filled their realms with people to fight, PvP battles have become involved, etc. they are whining about PvP happening to them.
Keep an eye out on these forums they get giving away fairly often. It shouldn't take you to long to get one with any luck.
Been there done that in pet battling and taming a rare pet as a hunter. Yes it sucks and is lame but its something you have to deal with being on a PVP server. Or you can always move a toon of yours to a care bear server (pve) and hope for better luck.

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