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Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our earlier website-cleanup plan announcement. We read through all of your thoughts and suggestions, and based on that we’re making a number of changes to our initial plan. While our goal remains to clean up parts of the website that require frequent updates but don’t see a lot of traffic, we heard some great reasons to keep specific sections around, and in some cases we've come up with creative solutions to make that happen.

Features Being Retired or Changed

    Game Guide

    • Factions
      • This will be replaced with a general overview of what factions are.

    • Professions
      • Profession pages will remain, but we will be removing the item lists.

    Guild Profiles

Features Staying

    Character Profiles

    • Hunter Pets
      • You’ll still be able to look at Hunter pet stables.
      • We will be removing the Hunter pet talent information showing how each pet is specced.

One common question we heard after the previous announcement was whether these changes would affect the website API, which is largely how fansites access data about the game and characters for use on their own pages. These changes in no way affect the API—they only affect the information we’re choosing to display on the official site. We’re committed to providing all of the site-builders out there with tools they need to make their WoW resources great, and we plan to keep providing them with the same level of API information and support.

Thanks again for all of your feedback, and for helping us ensure the World of Warcraft website continues to provide you with the information you seek.
Blizzard.. Thank you.. Thank you for listening.. Thank you for not making me go to a third party site to look at this information. While I know those sites have valuable information that I do use frequently.. The thought of having to link my WoW account with my web browsing account was simply something I refuse to do..

I Sincerely appreciate that you have met us half way.

Thank You..
Thank you Bashiok that is very good news.
Awesome the personal pets and mounts section did make it after all!

I always go to it and love helping my friends out to get their achieves by telling them what they don't have, I was a little disheartened to hear it being removed but it stayed in the end, Thanks Bashiok :)
Thanks for listening; this is a good change. The Professions and Reputation features are useful for watching other people I'm playing with, not my own characters. I don't need the full lists or background details, just a way to get that basic information.
This sounds like a great solution! Very happy with the updated plan.
This is welcome news.
As a graphic designer, I thank you for the hunter pet changes. :)
Yay! Thank you!

I use the pets/mounts and professions pages of the armory all the time. :D
thank you so much xoxoxo
Any chance of allowing us to customize our character pose on the armory ? Would love to have that option.
Thank you for the update! I'm so glad you listened. :)
Thank you Bashiok that is very good news.

This. Very, very much this!
Thank you for listening to our feedback. :-)
Hooray!! Soo glad you reconsidered the Pets/Mounts section of the personal Armorys! I really do use that a lot, particularly when I have extra Pets to give away! I use it to check which of my guildies dont have the Pet so it goes to a good home!

Thank you very much!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
Excellent compromises! Thank you for hearing all of us out. It is definitely appreciated. :)
Yay, thank you for listening!
I'll add my thanks for listening :) Nice to know that we do have a say at times.
I'm glad to see you decided to keep the information on the character profiles! Now, about those customizable portraits we had 4 years ago...

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