New forums, eh?

Needs more sex leg

Otherwise, fantastic!
love it
I like.
Test 2 4 67!
Sibilance! Sibilance!
Looks much better now, instead of a bunch of identical icons for each person posting. Granted, there'll still be a lot of cookie-cutter look, but that's just how WoW operates.
Eh, it is just nice to see something other than a Paladin avatar that is not mine :)
I'm liking this!
Helmets are the way to go
This calls for a /waggle.
I make these forums look good. :3

I agree, gonna have to log out in my 'city' gear from now on.

ps /wave @daryenn
Love it.
Woo, neat!
It looks amazing.
the change is nice yay no more generic race avatar

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