New forums, eh?

I wonder how long till they clutter it up with advertisements.
Hi Pals
Definitely loving the new look. I might actually post on the forums more than once in a blue moon now. (Though I rather doubt it. The pretty didn't kill the trolls, after all.)
New forums are very sexy.
Wow this is quite nice. :)
Hello fellow Paladins :D
I like this. =D
New forums are pretty spiffy with each character looking like what they're wearing. Still gonna miss the old ones. Such fun times were had.

No PvP rank makes me sad. D: I know why, but I always enjoyed seeing my Lt. Commander rank.

Now I just need a mecha looking helmet that is easily obtainable...
this forum is pretty slick, i think. definitely a major upgrade from the old and busted one we've been using!
Absolutely love the new design. Also, the attitude is so much more positive! I think this will do good for the game as a whole.
Posting in this thread just to see how mah pally looks like ^_^
Sexy sexy forums I heaaaaaaaaaaaaaaart you :)
oooohhhh, this looks nice. <3
Almost identical to the Starcraft 2 communty site, with different colors.

But im not complaining this is sweet

And yea i have yet to log in :P

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