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Death Knight
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Apparently he is able to post again on the new forums!
Considering that BB and RT are basically mandatory

Given your dislike for crimson scourge I'm surprised you feel BB is mandatory.

I currently use DRW, VB, RT. I just can't see giving up avoidance (even if it's 20% parry) in favor of 2 runestrikes. If threat is as comfortable as you say shouldn't you want the extra avoidance cooldown instead of more and more threat. If it isn't as comfortable as you say wouldn't you want the extra threat from a glyphed version of DRW. Seems to me either way DRW is a useful skill which means either way you're going to be using it often making the question of whether or not to glyph it kind of trivial.

Also so far in my experience there is no such thing as too much threat, every little bit counts every point of avoidance, every point of tps, every point of HP makes a difference or people wouldn't bother paying for epic gems instead of blue quality ones.
Given your dislike for crimson scourge I'm surprised you feel BB is mandatory.
I dislike Crimson Scourge because the Plague Strike mechanic can only have been designed by someone who does not understand how to play the class and is not worth the talent budget that's spent on it. But BB is still a valuable and important tool and I feel the range increase Glyph is mandatory in the same way the Pestilence range increase used to be mandatory before Diseases became an afterthought.
Seems to me either way DRW is a useful skill which means either way you're going to be using it often making the question of whether or not to glyph it kind of trivial.
Sure it's useful, but I will hate myself every time I use it (if I ever even do). If that outside bonus issue isn't fixed, then yeah, DRW Glyph is probably better than VB because really the only reason to take the VB Glyph is for larger Blood Shields. I'm operating under the assumption that someone will come to their senses and realize that, but who knows what will actually happen. This is why I didn't put the DRW Glyph in the "lol" section. :P
Good guide, I approve. Just hope the beta patch don't drastically change everything that's here, like I suspect will happen...
After so long with no significant changes, it's not likely that anything that happens between now and Dec 7th will be significant either. And if it is, I'll just update. :)
Lichloathe, may I say that you've done an excellent job here. You have reaffirmed most of my theories about blood tanking as well as given me insight in a few other perks Blood DKs have.

Thanks and I really LIKE you hehe :)
Excellent, helpful guide.
Er why skip Abom's Might when there's a lack of things to pick up in the other trees as a tank anyways? Besides, it's a bad idea for everyone to start assuming they'll bring this and that raid buff. Better be safe than sorry.
Because other classes bring it and bring it easier. If it's missing, then spec into it, but if it's already being brought by someone there's no point in spending your talent points on it.

Put another way, a DPS that can bring the buff will always be bringing it. You, as a tank, don't have to. You get to choose, so make them do it and save two points.
I agree with Lichloathe that the new DK is still a considerable mess. the second half of the BB talent makes no sense whatsoever. aboms might and blood caked blade have very little real tanking value, and even the problems that come from 3pt scent of blood show that this is still a mash-up of the previous iteration of the class. But, in my opinion, the real killer argument for the new DK tanks is the fact that there is a viable argument to spend all of your points at both 80 AND 85 in the blood tree. And blizzard has said time and time again, and I agree, that thats just bad design.

The truth is that they decided to redesign the class, and they did, and THEN they decided to redesign ALL of the calsses.

on the subject of going to have to disagree with you Lichloathe. with Army being a colossal pain in the rear to use as a defensive CD, I have to question your lack of interest in gathering more defensive CDs. for raiding tanks defensive CDs have and will continue to be a serious issue. You said that you question its worth in consideration of Ice bound being free and while i agree that 60 is rather high, its still a very strong CD on a very reasonable timer.

heck, as a general comparison, even 2 months ago the only thing that truly differed blood tanks from frost tanks was the defensive CDs. Frosts CD got nerfed because of the armor cap and bloods CDs got stronger with the ICC buff. not that you couldn't tank LK with a frost tank but it was a challenge to survive the damage spikes.

on a side note. how was teh armor cap...adjusted...with the change to 4.0?
I just wish that we had more runes to utilize while tanking. Perhaps I'm just feeling it a little bit more on live because Rune Strike is half implemented, but man I really wish I had more buttons to use for more threat.
New forums ftw. Good to see you got this up again already.
As to the value of the DRW glyph. I have it (since there's not much else of use) but only really use it if I'm somehow starting a fight near max RP. Which is pretty much only if I horde up on a trash pull right before the boss and we go right in without pause, or if there's trash as part of the boss fight.
The only fight at the moment that comes to mind is LDW. I know resto druids used to give RP via one of their heals but I think that's gone anyways.
If it were 30RP but did a percentage of your damage (instead of duplicating) I'd be happy to use it.

The threat generation given by DRW as well as the avoidance is more then worthy enough to burn the runic power. Your logic on that point is completely wrong.

The problem is that to get to that amount of RP you have to ignore Rune Strike for a prolonged period of time. By the time you've waited around long enough to get 60 RP, chances are someone has passed you in threat. The only exception at the moment is on a caster boss where you rarely get to dodge/parry and proc RS, which (hopefully) won't be an issue in the future.
If you want my tank spec is made for survivability you can try it out
ok why is DW tanking bad, they might make it work again, and honestly i perf dw tanking
DnD is really fun and useful, but, since we can't lower its cooldown anymore and aoe fighting will be out of style for a while in cata, I really don't feel like morbidity is worth it unless you want to do some kiting or pvp. As long as you start with the current 33/0/3 build that's most popular now, I don't think you can go wrong. I'm going with unholy command and desecration - likely this:

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