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Death Knight
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I poked around the Bloodsim code on Codeplex. Would you like a second pair of hands working on MonkSim, or do you prefer to work alone?
I generally prefer to program solo. I'm not even decided on whether I'm going to do MonkSim, either. At the very least, I think it's way too early as far as the mechanics go to put any great deal of time into it.

Besides, anything I'd ask you to do would just be things that I don't want to do because they suck, and I'd feel bad about that. :P
03/20/2012 03:13 PMPosted by Lichloathe
Besides, anything I'd ask you to do would just be things that I don't want to do because they suck, and I'd feel bad about that. :P

Hehe, I write code that other people don't want to because it sucks *professionally*. It's my thing.
How did I not know you're a programmer all this time?
My magical power of not talking about it
Clever girl.
Do you still log in and stuff? Imma send you a mail with my AIM.
Yeah, this is the char to send stuff to
I did it.
y u no accept friend invite :(
I was sleeping!
Awesome guide you got here, glad it got reopened. Was going to make a short case for some of the Minor Glyphs but the argument's not worth having. If people can't decide on which ones suit their playing style they probably shouldn't be playing.

Overall two thumbs up!
I'm curious how my model will line up with yours, but too bad I won't have any time to mess around with it until Friday probably. And I'll probably be bug-testing it all weekend--there are entirely too many lines of code to keep track of. -_-

My current priority only uses RS if 1) RE could proc and 2) RE would proc F/U/D, so that will be a discrepancy.
03/21/2012 12:58 PMPosted by Descretoria
y u no accept friend invite :(

Ok - newb DK here...Is there any reason for us undead to take the 1 point for the talent "Lichborne"?
Your race is Undead, but you are not classified as Undead. You are classified as a humanoid (all players are). Otherwise, paladins could fear you and priests could shackle you. If you mouse over animals and other NPCs, you'll see them being designated as "Beast," "Humanoid," "Elemental," and etc. One of those is "Undead."

Casting Lichborne classifies you as "Undead" for 10s (so if you highlight over yourself, you'll see that "Undead" designation), which means you're no longer classified as a "Humanoid." Consequently, you can be shackled, be feared by a paladin, and a few other things for that duration. Death Coil only heals targets who are classified as "Undead."

Just test it out. If you target yourself, try and cast a Death Coil on yourself. It won't work.

Way to post that in the Beta forums. :P

1. Fine.

2. I think that will probably be the default behavior, but I'd stress more on using BT as often as possible with specifically Blood runes, not just any rune. F/U will regenerate back as F/U, so getting a death rune with F/U is only shortening the cooldown, not literally actually giving you another rune.

3. Yes.

4. Define 'boss attacks.' If you mean auto-swings, probably not. 4s is a really long time. You essentially just washed out all of your previous 5 second window. 2s is my personal limit, barring specific fight mechanics. Yes to never having FF && UU all up at the same time.

5. Not sure what I think on that, because it depends on what the boss is hitting for. As I'm sure you're aware, getting a minimum heal means you're healing as if you took damage that you never actually took, meaning it's a gain (for that interval). The drawback to that is potential spikiness.

It really just depends on how hard the boss's individual swings are. The only boss where I have deliberately not gone for minimum heals is Zon'ozz, and that's because at high stacks he can easily hit you for 60-70% of your HP in a single swing. I don't avoid the minimum heal there simply because of the fact that it's the minimum heal. I avoid the minimum heal because it's better to stall DS's there. I wait on the DS because, if I don't, without some serious external healing, there's a pretty decent shot that I'll get owned without a CD.

On any other boss, I don't pay attention to it at all.

6. Bounds are fine, but I'd shoot on the lower end of that bound. The player will probably be playing at ~150 ms. An average reaction time is around ~200 ms. However, the player can see runes regenerating, and when the player uses RS, the player should know that RS could proc a rune and to watch out for it. The only part that happens completely out of the blue is the damage that you take from auto-attacks.
Expanding point 4 a bit, middle ground between sitting and spamming is only timing DS w/ the next imminent boss swing if you know its the min. But after that swing occurs, regardless of whether it landed or not, using the DS. Would still get some mins here and there, but doesn't delay to an extent that it could waste resources or cause one to back-to-back DS often (which is usually a bad idea unless its for a predictable burst that cds can't cover- like Hagara's FA). The prevalence of this 'swing synching' I can't attest to, though.
I'm too tired to discuss more now, but I just wanted to let you know that I saw this.
Through my guild's endeavor to recruit a blood DK for their 8/8 Heroic 25 man, we sifted through a lot of bad applicants. I tank for our 8/8 heroic 10 man, and I combined all my DK tank suggestions into a single guide.

This is not meant to be a replacement for existing introduction guides. It is intended to promote intelligent discussion on various Dragon Soul fight mechanics and cooldown usage.

I appreciate suggestions, and please provide World of Log examples when refuting 'healing required' claims.

(Before commenting on my spec, read the Heroic Madness strategy for how we did it at 10% nerf without rogue slows)
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