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Death Knight
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have question for my fellow blood dks who have tanked Madness. I get the joy of tanking madness for the first time in 10 man soon and am trying to figure out how to survive the impales. I have never had a dk tank in any of the groups i have done DS with so i have not been able to observe what they do to survive. Any help would be much appreciated.
For Impales,

1: VB + Dream
2: VB + IBF
3: VB + DRW->Army (you need to be channeling when the Impale actually does damage)
4: VB + IBF

Bone Shield will be up for all Impales, so you can also use that. Blood Shield absorbs also work for Impale. If you're 2-tanking, then take the 2nd Impale so that you can build up a shield until about ~5s before the next Impale cast, and then taunt. Your other tank can tank with the debuff just fine--all it does it just makes him take more damage from the next Impale (which you'll have taunted for).

If you're going to take the 2nd Impale on the platform, then keep in mind that on some platforms, Elementium Bolt is going to hit. This happens right around the second Impale, so make sure to use AMS.
thanks for the info. That is about what i figured i should do but i had forgot about the extra damage reduction while channeling army.
I'm just curious, how is my gearing, gemming and enchanting heading? Any things I could do to improve (besides better gear,which I'm working on : P)?
06/09/2012 06:56 AMPosted by Martinique
I'm just curious, how is my gearing, gemming and enchanting heading? Any things I could do to improve (besides better gear,which I'm working on : P)?

Talents are fine.

Multiple items are missing enchants. Switch the armory mode over to advanced to see those more readily.

Red - Fine
Yellow - Fractured
Blue - Puissant

You've only reforged 2 items. Make sure you reforge according to this priority:
For maxing Tank DPS what does everyone shoot for on Hit and Experetise?
Cap and soft-cap, respectively. Expertise to soft-cap first.
Just wanted to ask a question about the raid progression spec in the first post. Is it valid, or is Euliat's spec the accepted norm now? If so, why spec out of Lichborne -- is the extra healing not needed with the nerfs?

06/12/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Ewanmchong
Is it valid, or is Euliat's spec the accepted norm now?

It's still valid.

I'm specced the way I am because we have sub-par DPSers in our raid group and can't meet the simple DPS check on H Spine. If we didn't have such a dumb problem, I'd have the recommended spec, with the 2 points in Endless Winter moved into Epidemic.
I appreciate the response and your willingness to help out the nubs. Time to do some reading on timing DS. Thanks!
euliat changed race since ive been gone O_o they knew badkarma's draenei was too pro
Wow so mastery is better than stamina?

if you arent dying from 2-3 normal hits from boss its time to start swapping to mastery
get stamina until this occurs
If you are taking spiky damage, then you might consider adding some stamina to increase your effective health. If you are taking consistent damage you would probably benefit from more mitigation (mastery)
Just one thing I noticed. The section about DW tanking says that there is no time when DW will ever be better then 2 handed. Shouldn't you add that with 2 diffrent modes of Souldrinker that is actually viable for certain fights? With one normal and one RF version this does a ton of healing. For some fights, like Heroic Warmaster, I've found that it helps a ton.
name a fight where DW tanking is better than 2h and worth the loss of dps. H Warmaster still hits pretty hard despite the nerfs, and the little random healing procs are not likely to save you, or even get noticed by your healers in this situation.
Small changes in overall damage taken aren't that important anymore since healer mana is a non-factor.

DW-ing is also a significant DPS loss.

Souldrinker procs also don't affect how your healers heal you, because when you're getting hit for 80k+, they're not going to respond to/rely on a 3% HP random heal.

It's the same for Bloodworms. They're nice, but nobody is going to notice if they're missing. Except, you should still take Bloodworms, because, per point, no other non-mandatory talent is a higher DPS increase.
go dw tanking if you are just raiding to be social. if you want anyone to ever use your name and the word good in a wont dw
Don't dw if you're social either. There's no logical reason to do so. And I'd prefer dead kitten's not be on anybodies doorstep.
There's only 1 fight where dw is actually better, but it's not worth it to go that direction otherwise.

That fight is Baleroc in FL. /giggle

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