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Great info. I concur that many of the talent/glyph choices are minimal in differnce, or as u say very truthfully - assinine. I think thats the flavor Blizz was going for, and does leave some options for players to cater to thier playstyle without it impacting effectiveness much.

As for DRW.... I think the point people are missing is this: If you skip 2 rune strikes to save the RP for DRW, it creates a temporary trough in ur aggro, during which you may lose aggro. If you dont lose aggro during that trough of saving RP, you probably dont need the aggro peak/lead that DRW is going to produce. But then again... HoW/AT/ERW and/or having ur dps hold back at the beginning of the fight till u pop a glyphed DRW, may just be the way to go. Also, DRW comes out alot easier now with gimp RS.

There are several methods to acheive the loot imo. Im havin fun with my faceroll DK, Heyseuss on Cho'gall. Its way more faceroll than pally tanking pre 4.01 imo, and i love it. Looks like i need to DS more after reading tho.

There is some macro to cancel buffs that wont let ya cast ur HoW for RP. I use a ton of mod:ctrl hotkeys on my DK.

Dont listen to the trolls. They just need somewhere to !%%@@, cuz if they open thier mouths @ anything in RL, they get lich slapped. This needs a sticky btw
Updated with some number comparisons between DW and 2h. I'll go into more detail later when I have the time.
8) Why don't I want to Dual Wield anymore?

Here's some numbers for DW versus 2H tanking at 85. I'll be fleshing this post out later.

Settings in BloodSim are taken from Zarko's excellent thread on tank stats at Tier 11 ( and damage based on wielding 372 weapons.
- 175,685 health, 32.36% avoidance, 46841 armor, 21 mastery
- Boss hits every 2.4 seconds for 110k-120k unmitigated damage
- 100 eight minute fights

Difference in switching from 2H to DW:
- 7.9% less damage dealt
- 9.8% less threat
- 0.1% less damage taken
- 0.7% less damage absorbed
- 1.1% more healed

The 1million question is if we need that ~1kish threat. From what i tested on that "boss" on uldum, it was very close to those results. Bashin myself against that "boss" on uldum i got this:

Dmg Done: 763097
DPS: 1386
Dps taken: 2049
RP gained: 770

Dmg done: 768408
DPS: 1686
Dps taken: 1974
RP gained: 390

of course this is one test, the dmg income and dps might as well be related to luck of RE procs than anything else. But the major difference that i noticed was .. 2h obviously finished the fight earlier (since i was the only person dpsing the mob) .. but dw have so much less downtime in the rotations.

I think how "viable" it is, its really related to the kind of enviroment you play. If the person is on a extremelly hardcore guild that every drop of anything counts, then yes, 2h is the way to go. But given that you are in a guild or raids that you can afford the threat loss (since the rest, lets face it .. its pretty much the same) without holding back your dpsers .. then it's really up to you if you play dw or 2h.

On heroics and 5 mans is 100% viable .. i did the whole beta as dw and had zero problems .. and i'll obviously try as much as possible to tank dw in my raids. But if its proven that my raid enviroment dont allow it, then sure .. i'll go 2h.

But yeh .. i think its better to have a more descent and accurate view of the real differences and limitations instead of simply having people "screw you, dw sucks, noob". I honestly see those differences just like people rather play frost than unholy. Not everyone (or raid) needs the absolute top performance. Many people play in enviroments that have more room to work around and much rather play in a playstyle they want. For example I always played frost, and even tough it was a worse spec compared to fury war/uh dks/mages etc etc .. i was top dps on most fights off icc since march or so. Player skill also plays a big part on the math of "how viable" it is and the raid you play with.
Damn good guide. I have a way better understanding of tanks at lvl 85 TY Lichloathe
You're welcome, Nashness.

Also, for Eflow: At some point I'm going to flesh that out a bit more, because there still is the "I can have 3% less hit and I get some extra avoidance blah blah" that comes from Dual Wielding. But nobody has really been able to give me any info on what your stats look like when switching with epic gear at 85. All the stats that Zarko has are from 2H.
This thread is 4.0.1 and Cataclysm. As noted in the post, Outbreak is obviously not available at 80 and you shouldn't be trying to use it.

I feel that the current post more than adequately covers priorities - because that is what they are. These priorities do not change, even with Rune Strike still being tied to avoidance. You just get to use it less often.
Disappointing that this hasn't been returned to its old status as a sticky yet.
Again this same guide lists Outbreak as a usable ability for 4.01 Tanking. Some one needs to come up with an updated version that shows people how to effectively tank with out Diseases and a broken limp $%^k Rune Strike.

because those 2 weeks are really game breaking, right ?

Theres nothing different about it. Do the same things (save for outbreak) and wait for it to get better next week (or the week after, when 4.0.3a hits live)
Hi Eflow.
i miss Tyds and the sunflower already =(
Serious! :(
Excellent thread. You made me break out my old Naxx 10 DK tank and start getting him ready for Cata.

Licheloathe, fwiw post #2 re: lvl 85 talent spec link isn't 85.
Your gemming section doesn't explain how to qualify for your meta.
Thank you Cerverdwn and Ekeln, I'll correct those. :)
Hi lich
Bluedragon exists!
Yea, I've been playing the whole time but just stopped visiting forums for awhile. Seems there's reason to check now with all the changes though.
You'd think that. :P

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