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I hereby declare this the first @day of the new forums!
Other news I'm really tired and I have to wake up soon and go buy a new car.
brool story co
yay first day!
NOOOO I already started one on the old forum!!!!!!!
QQQQQQQQQQQQQ hate you. Jk, although this new layout does look nice.
what? what is this nonesense ?? since when have there been new forums!!! what im so confused...

on another note... it looks ok... not too bad... ill start browsing to see what each thing does and where it goes...
Yesssssssssssss, I'm finally back!

I take it your banned on the old forums also?
So what you are saying is everyone paying 15$ a month to post on the forums with a second account get to save 15$ a month?
i just wanted to post to see what my avatar looks like.
*raises a drink for the new forums*
It's certainly teh shineys.

Guess it beat's arthas's face.
I like it.

Might take a little getting used to, but I like it.
Yay new forums!


I have to take the rest of my Spanish test that I didn't finish on Friday... Shouldn't be too bad considering I had time to look at answers to the test now.
New avatars are the shizz.
Awesome new forums!!! Happy Friday!! :)

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