Hi Priests!


I love it. Plus the new quick reply thingy is pretty awesome.

This is my favorite feature as well=)
\0/ .....
Oh wow! Everything looks amazing. I might have to become a more active member of the priest community.
Hmm, whys my forum av a shadow...
My avatar is sexy ;)
Looks very good. Cheers Blizz!
Greetings Fellow Priests!

How is everyone doing tonight? Enjoying the new system? I know I am.
Very, very snazzy and I like it a lot.

But I will miss the old forums.. :)
The new priest forums became truly broken in when the @day threads moved over. Courtesy of Dusknoir. :P
The forums be purdy
The forums be purdy

Totally not a priest but i just want to say you smell Rukiak.
Looking very nice indeed! And the Portrait feature is awesome looking! It's me!!! :D
Looks way better.
Oh hi Mark
Looks nice :)
These new forums are very nice indeed! Hello, fellow priests. :)
where's the @Snoreterday thread?
oh hai folks
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I really like these changes.

Hi Priests!

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