Our Avatars

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Are now an up to date snapshot of what we're wearing in-game? Amazing. I very much look forward to appearing as Lawrence of Arabia in Cata.
T11 looks so much better in 3-d. I hated it until I saw it on wowheads model viewer thing.
Yeah once it is done this looks like it will be much nicer.
very sexy
Cute feature. Now these sub-forums just need to have updated stickies for the community sites and guides.
One way to see if its updated.
I like it!
Huge change!
I'm guessing you must have to log in your character after this site went live to get a non-silhouette Avatar.
This is pretty sweet.
Now that our avatars are based on our actual characters, do you think Blizzard is going to tell us what that weird purple glow on all our old avatars was for?
Ah wow, what a nice change.
Yeah the new avatars are nice. I think the new forums are a huge improvement. I mean its been up nearly a couple hours and we havnt even had a QQ post made yet.

And woot first gnome rogue to post on the rogue forums. :P
I take it 251 T10 has a green eyehole, 264 is yellow and 277 is orange correct?
Amg u can liek posts too
This Forum is a huge win!

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