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I don't think we've had a decent helm since the Shredder-helm in BC. To be quite honest.

Cursed Vision begs to differ.

Also, to those complaining about being shadows: Embrace it. You're a rogue! Be stealthy.
Logging out in full S4 from now on!
does my wicked hair show? :x

Just gonna leave this here...
A welcomed change!
I love this so much. *sniffle* It's so beautiful...
Just wish they were customisable, now that would be awesome.
Hey cool, my icon looks snazzy!
How do we change our Pictures on here it wont let me
Looks amazing
ahh this is kool
my BC set looks awesome
im a silhouette!1
ohhhhhh... mysterious!
Yay updated! Now I can bask in my own beauty.

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