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Looking at this shadow is getting somewhat depressing.
My avatar is bugged too. Well, my profile and battle.net account too. I hope that at least the profile/avatar problem can be solved.
I deleted the gnome version of this character and recreated her as night elf with the same name. When I search I see the gnome avatar... The armory page shows the sillouetted night elf. I've logged in and out at least four times over the past two days. My gear is updating, but my portrait, avatar, (and sometimes level) are not.
I'm a cow!


I race changed to gnome on patch day and my avatar still displays my humanity. It says I'm a gnome, and it has the new name that I picked, but the picture is still all old and junk. I even still have the same items on I logged out with on monday night (x-ray specs) that I haven't put on since, so it's not even updating my armour or any of that good stuff. I've logged in and out several times since then, not sure when it's going to update!
been stuck as a shadow a few days now and playing on this character makes no difference.
Is this a random issue?
Not updated here as well since the first time my avatar was created. My toon's profile is wearing his PvE set and my avatar still hast PvP set even after days of logging out wearing the PvE gear.
I think my Warrior's still sexually confused after getting a sex change. Name is different, gear changes, but my model (at the top of the screen and the new armory) shows a male in my DPS gear.

It seems like the people with the most problems are those who have had a character re-edit done recently or are playing a new race-class combination.
Logged into and out of my account several times, both on these forums and in-game. It's been 2 days since I hit lvl 10+. Is it going to take longer for my character to start rendering? All my other characters show up fine...
been a shadow for a few days now, and been logging on this char for a couple of hours a day. all my other chars show up though.
I have been leveling this toon all week and still do not have an avatar or profile page with his image. HELP!!

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