Looks nice here. Thanks.

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I love the new forum design.
Lil fresh smell ya know lol
Is that the smell of new plastic!....Cyber plastic smells GREAAAT!
I agree these forums are amazing and simple and this is how it should always be :)
Is that the smell of new plastic!....Cyber plastic smells GREAAAT!

Something smells like it's burning.
We are glad you like it, folks!

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Yep, this is pretty awesome!
New community site and forums are awesome. Much needed upgrade from the old design. Cheers :)
Very eye-friendly ;)
Loving the new character models and the fact that our avatars are actually OURS!

Thanks blizz
Very nice, and a lot of new features make it feel a lot more personalized
These forums are fantastic.

Even better yet, since everyone's being so nice in complimenting you, it's a more pleasant experience not seeing as much negativity, to boot!
Looks great!
much like the starcraft forums, looks awesome :D
yep great new design. I loved the starcraft forum so glad they changed the WoW forums to use the same software
I agree, love the new forums. So far no bugs/issues yet. Love the change and new feature. The other forums were way behind the times... hehehe :)

/cheers to new CF forums!!!
its different
color scheme makes me want to vomit.

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