Come out of the shadows!

I dig it, mon!
This is mildly awesome

More like super awesome.
I like!
Am I still a shadow?
Silhouettes are king.
Looks like I'm going to have to recustomize earlier than I thought. I need to get this hideous snarl off my face.

yeah it kind of sucks taht i had to remove 2 of my 277 pieces of gear (including helm) to get the most dps out of my spec (assassination) by picking up my 4 piece bonus again (buff combat please).

I wouldn't sweat it too much. You've got about 5 weeks until you replace it all in Deepholm!

*fangirl squeal*

Where the hell is Poke?

Here is Poke! *flying squirrel tackle and glomp*
I'm a Blood Elf, therefore, I always look good.
cant come out of the shadows...=(
cant come out of the shadows...=(

It seems your Vanish worked too well.
I'm just glad this doesn't auto-show my helm.
/drudges out

Hay guize...
I look horrible :(


Yeah you look pretty bad. /pat
But I look handsome, as do all gnomes.
Edits no longer have Red Text. The world has lost something on this day.
I can't figure out how to do signatures either if they're available yet.

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