Druid Blogroll (Updated 11/30/10)


Inspired by Reesi's sheer awesomeness - bear blog, mostly raiding-related, with some talk of general WoW or raid group goings-on, and occasional tangents going way off-topic. Meant to be half serious raiding/bear discussions, and half, as the kids say, for the lulz. Just started recently, and I'm stuck in *zzz* mode waiting for the expansion to drop.

Got it!
As a new Druid just starting out, I was wondering which you would recommend for leveling PVE solo? I tried looking through all the links and most are for end-game or raiding, or PVP.

Is there anything that's good for PVE and pre 80? Thanks!
The reason why there are so many druid blogs is because the origins of the class really required you to learn it inside and out in order to do well. In the old days there was absolutely no facerolling to succeed in this class, and you were limited to resto. In that regard, the community started with a lot more mature people willing to take the time to learn the class. I'd bet most of the creators of those blogs are among that "old guard" as I call us.

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