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How there, folks!
This thread is for anybody who wants to share a short and brief description of their character, and I recommend that you use this format to share;
Character's Name:
Current Residence:
Short Back Story:

*Short Back-Stories Must Be Under 200 Words!
If you must know what this look like well.


Seven Lines of Back Story Allowed!
Character's Name: Lanuria Dawnblade
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: 130ish
Current Residence: Silvermoon City
Short Back Story:

Daughter of family of mages, veteran of the war in Outland and Northrend, Argent Crusader etc etc.

Backstory and what else can be found at because I can't write her backstory in seven lines or less! Looking forward to doing some writings on this forum.
Character's Name: Rothiron Malagan
Realm: Maelstrom
Level: 80
Age: (31 at time of death)
Current Residence: Ruins of Lordaeron
Short Back Story: Formerly a knight of Lordaeron, Rothiron fell like many others during the Third War in defense of Lordaeron. Upon his "rebirth" as Forsaken, he had lost many memories of his former life, but has since recovered them. Despite what his kinship would suggest, he is a genuinely kind and noble Forsaken, though this is often overshadowed by the Forsaken's grim reputation. In fact, he himself seems to prefer the company of the orcs, and received training from the Frostwolf clan despite all odds and prejudices.
Gaining prestige from his service to the New Horde, Rothiron created an order, and named it after Menethil's Guard, an old sect of guards in Lordaeron. However, this order was devastated by the Wrathgate betrayal, and has since declined even further to Rothiron's sorrow. In addition, Sylvanas' tactics in her battle against the Alliance in Lordaeron has given him cause to hesitate in serving her. When word got out that she abducted Koltira for making a truce with the Alliance, Rothiron feared that he would share whatever fate the death knight would suffer if he wasn't careful.
((Heres my attempt. It seems to be more than 7 lines, but its about 187 words, so I hope that passes.))
Character's Name: Arathanar Stouthammer
Age: 161
Current Residence: Pre-Cataclysm, Ironforge. Post-Cataclysm, unknown.
Back Story: Arathanar was an Explorer's League prospector, placed in charge of accumulating historical and archaeological data on the races of the Horde. He had been a member of the organization since the last days of Madoran Bronzebeard, when it was considered a backwater organization only slightly above criminal. As the war between the Horde and Alliance escalated after the Wrathgate, his position within the League and relation with the rest of the Alliance became... strained. SI:7 and Varian's attack on Ironforge and overthrow of Moira, who he sees as the highly dangerous but rightful ruler of Khaz Modan, was the final straw. Revoking his own citizenship and effectively leaving the Alliance, he has spent the few months after the Cataclysm among various neutral factions where he can, aiding the Earthen Ring in Vashj'ir and Deepholm.
Character's Name: Carmila Suntreader

Realm: Earthen Ring

Level: 104

Age: 70

Current Residence: Eversong Forest (not by choice)

Short Back Story: Carmila was an orphan, taking care of herself for the longest time. When she was old enough, she invested in going to the Church of the Light and becoming a paladin. After several grueling years, she obtained the honor only to be met with human prejudice and trials that she refused to do. After being exiled from the Church, she left the Alliance and went to join the Argent Crusade against the Lich King. After the Lich King's death, she found herself adopted into one of her friend's family since she didn't have one of her own. She recently found out she is with child and is freaking out.
Character's Name: Aaja
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 80
Age: Almost 400 but she really doesn't keep track these days.
Current Residence: Stormwind
Short Back Story: After helping to defend Shattrath during it's razing by the Legion, Aaja eventually returned to the ruined city to live in the slums and try and keep the peace with a ragged band of volunteers before the Sha'tar arrived. Through a series of unfortunate events, she found herself becoming indebted to a Nexus Prince and now works in almost an indentured capacity to repay what she owes. She has arrived on Azeroth only recently to bring a branch of her boss's company to the Eastern Kingdoms, importing goods from Draenor to sell on Azeroth, and vice-versa.
Name: Aman'ni (Eclipse) Shadowbringer
Realm: Thunderhorn
Level: Obvious
Age: In the thousands, she won't give an exact number
Current Residence: None
Short Backstory: Though very young at the time, Aman'ni was alive during the Sundering. After being exiled from the Sisters of Elune for being overzealous in her beliefs and forcing them upon a skeptical man, the priestess gave more and more to her affinity for the shadow arts, ever keeping in mind the balance of light and darkness. Her age has granted her much patience and wisdom, though she chooses not to fully involve herself in what she considers trivial matters. Remaining vigilant to the threats that many younger adventurers cannot handle or understand, she humbly walks the nights of Azeroth.
Character's Name: Nahnie Sunveil
Realm: Moon Guard
Level: 10
Age: 19
Current Residence: Doesn't have one yet.
Short Back Story: Upon turning nineteen, she begged her parents to let her travel to Stormwind to begin her training as a mage. It's been almost two weeks since she left Southshore and entered Stormwind. She's been spending most of her time making maps and charts for Marshal Dughan, and wondering if this is really what she dreamed of doing.
Character's Name: Kurshaw Shadowhoof
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 80
Age: 67
Current Residence: Feralas/Desolace
Short Back Story: Hailing from the borderlands of Feralas and Desolace, the Chieftess of the Shadowhoof grew up as a traditional Tauren nomad. She learned the old traditions of living with the land and venerating the Earthmother. She passively watched the Confederation of Tauren rise and rally behind the Horde to save Azeroth from a terrible fate. However, she also watched as the Alliance and Horde fought like children over pointless endeavors to “claim” land.
Angry with the now petty war between the Alliance and the Horde, she has pulled her tribe from the Confederacy to reclaim the old banner as protectors of the Earthmother. Kurshaw and her tribe now work to protect Kalimdor from those who would foul the land. She remains neutral to both factions out of a need to preserve her tribe and the nature of her goal.
Character's Name: Thadogen Maerhok
Realm: Wyrmrest Accord
Level: 80
Age: He is quite unsure, as he's forgotten his birthday. But he THINKS... THat he is around Forty, forty-five.
Current Residence: Stormwind as a wandering vigilante.
Short Backstory: Originally from Gilneas, traveled to Capital City to find work shortly before the Greymane Wall went up. Lost contact with his daughter as a result of the wall, and was forced to make permanent residence in Capital City as a librarian. Fled south during the Scourge invasion, and settled in Stormwind as a butler.

As a result of the conflict in Azeroth, Thadogen lost patience, got a job in the military as a marksman. Took a part in many of the conflicts, including the majority of the Outland campaigns. Came back to Stormwind to retire after the Sunwell, only for the Lich King's assault on the city to claim his life. FROM THERE... The usual death knight drill. Took part in the Battle for Light's Hope, was freed, now has no purpose because the Lich King is dead.
Character's Name: Alexanna Sorrowrunner
Realm: Cenarion Circle
Level: 80 (85 if her beta carnation counts)
Age: 69
Current Residence: Silvermoon
Short Back Story: She was born into a noble family, the blood elven equivalent to an earl, and married at a young age, fascinated. By her husband's control over the light, she learned to use the Sunwell to dominate the light. Ironically she was able to barely survive the Scourge invasion and became a paladin, she survived the retaking of deathholme but died when convinced to.take the fight to the Plaguelands.

She died, was raised and mastered the use of her runeblade to invoke front and shadow. Spent a large amount of time finding herself in a nexus of ley energies contorted by a pissed off dragon. Learned to dominate shadow and discovered joy in abuse of mana and the subversion of others.
After the storming of Icecrown she found her husband she waiting for any of interest believed to be dead, she found she didnt understand love anymore and is now impatiently awaiting interesting to kill her.
Character's Name: Zeria Bloodmark
Realm: Bloodscalp
Level: 80
Age: Late 20s
Current Residence: No permanent residence because he travels more often than setting in one place. He prefers jungle or island environments when he does settle down, though.
Short Back Story: Zeria's past was largely unknown to him until a chance meeting with an Amani chieftain in the Ghostlands. It was revealed that he was conceived during one of the troll conferences at Zuldazar, by Darkspear and Revantusk representatives. His childhood was spent in the forests of the Hinterlands, where he was exiled when he was old enough to fend for himself due to his heritage. One day, he was caught by a rival tribe and subjected to a spiteful curse that resulted in tribal markings being burnt into his face in blood. Due to this, he has taken up "Bloodmark" as a last name and he wanders Azeroth looking for anyone related to him.
Character's Name: Sh'mala Ragetotem

Realm:Kirin Tor

Level: 80

Age: Undead

Current Residence: Acherus: The Ebon Hold. But she wanders

Short Back Story:

A veteran of the Alterac Valley battleground, it was there she perished amongst a Scouting mission gone terribly awry. When her troops ran afoul of Stormpikes under the command of her Nemesis, A Dwarven Paladin named Gadrem Bronzehearth. As the two parties clashed, they were cut down from all sides as they realized too late that they were in the thick of the realm of a Harpy Storm-Witch, who had become aware of their presence.

The Dwarven Preist, who was Gadrem's Daughter, invoked the powers of the Light to destroy the Harpies, enraging the Storm-Witch. Striking at the preist a furious Thunderbolt, Sh'mala intervened and grabbed the dwarf. The bolt struck, and The dwarf survived, but Sh'mala did not.
Character's Name: Hadhan Discori

Realm: Wyrmrest Accord

Level: 80

Age: 38

Current Residence: Stormwind, Cathedral District (I pretend he has an apartment above "Just Maces")

Back Story: Born and raised in Stormwind, Hadhan was loath to settle into the routine of the noble life he was born into, much to the dismay of his family. Instead, he enlisted with the Stormwind militia as soon as he was old enough and spent his early adulthood serving his home city and protecting the people within. When he turned twenty-one, he was granted an adventuring license and set out to test his will and his prowess against the unknown dangers of Azeroth.

Now, many years and many adventures later, Hadhan is at the doorstep of middle-age but he knows that his adventurous lifestyle is far from over. Doomsayers have begun spreading dangerous propaganda amidst the streets of his beloved city, and rumors spread of an unknown terror stirring in the dark reaches of the world. If Hadhan is to ever bring peace to Stormwind, he will have to keep his weapons sharp and his resolve strong...His only hope is that whatever difference he can make will be enough....
((I'm bored.))
Character's Name: Slaye Siegebreaker(Chosen) Slywyn Ravenwind(Born)
Realm: Ravenholdt
Level: 80
Age: 4,000(Thinks she is) 13,000 (Actual)
Current Residence: Ashenvale Forest/Caer Darrow Fortress
Short Back Story: Slaye participated in the war of the Ancients, and lost her family to it as well. Wandered the wilds for a long time before escaping her people to Stormwind and rest of the Alliance. Currently a soldier of the Twilight Empire(Not related to the books. We were here first!) and in command of the Empire's fortress at Caer Darrow.
(( My excuse is also boredom. :P ))

Character's Name: Vimmi "Meep" Spannershield

Realm: Nagrand(Not an ingame RP character)

Level: 80

Age: 39 (Human Years)

Current Residence: Alliance Towns(Follows the Alliance Military through Northrend.) In Cataclysm: Unknown.

Short Back Story: Vimmi sought to repair her debt to the Dwarves of Ironforge for offering shelter to her kind, by joining the Alliance Military. She earned herself respect through helping the Peoples Militia and the Night Watch(although in small amounts), and also the guard of Redridge, where she earned the Captain Rank.

Vimmi was then sent through the Portal and for the whole time the Alliance and Horde were in Outland, she held the Stair of Destiny with the others there, not leaving until the war of Outland was won.

Vimmi is now a newly promoted Commander of the Alliance Military and is in charge of a Patrol she made herself.
Character's Name: Joan
Realm: Draenor
Age: 26
Current Residence: none, but Lakeshire will always be home.

Short Back Story: Born during the second war Joan had lived a relatively happy childhood with her sister Liany in Redridge Mountains. During an excursion of pig recovery and geology studies both girls were kidnapped by a wondering band of ogres. Though rescued by a mysterious rogue Joan lost her right eye during the scuffle.

Joan sought to joined the local militia for a time before convinced by her mother, a cleric refugee of the first war to join the Brotherhood of Northshire. With the skills of her father's smith trade and unwavering resolve to do what is right she ventured into the study of the three virtues rising to become a Paladin.

She ventures with her Warlock sister Liany and Shaman companion Desia seeking out new allies, helping the weak and smiting the evils that plague Azeroth.

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